Sex Advice from . . .

I had been asked if I would participate in this article on - Sex Advice from . . . Public Defenders. Unfortunately it required a real name and photo, and when I out myself it's going to be a little more dramatic than that.

But, you should check out the article, which answers such burning questions as, "How can I pick up a Public Defender?"

...And (I have a feeling I'm going to regret this), if you have a burning question that you really need answered by Blonde Justice, go ahead and leave a comment or email me. I may decide to answer all of your questions. Or, I may decide to just read them and laugh at you. We'll see.


  1. Hee! They asked me to do that, too, and I was considering it until that part about using my real name and picture! Also, the idea of me giving sex advice, frankly, was rather comical.

  2. Have you ever performed a sex act (on yourself or someone else) in a courthouse and/or jailhouse?

  3. Off the PD sex advice topic, have you seen this articlein Slate about whether doctors have to draw blood of drunk drivers if asked by police? Interesting.

  4. It's versifying and heroic-looking Seth! Eeeeek!

    Could you imagine facing your judges after they'd read your on-line sex advice?

    ( asked me, too, but I was too embarrassed... and as you can see from my photo, I'm as sexy as Skelly Wright.)

  5. Um, totally didn't ask me.

    I read the Slate article, because I'm addicted to Slate, and it's very good.

  6. How'd you know right off that the Thailand Jon Benet confession wouldn't hold up?
    Curious, only killed one cat and felt bad after-

  7. I love that they had such a tough time.
    Turns out we're a discreet bunch.
    They asked me too.

  8. Feige - I'm surprised you didn't do it, you're already un-anonymous.

    Hey, now that I think about it, there wasn't any sex in that book either. What's up with that?