More Tech Advice Needed

Does anyone have one of those Palm Treos or a similar all-in-one phone device? I'm thinking about getting one the next time I upgrade my phone, since I carry around a phone and a Palm pilot already... and I thought the main drawback was that I wouldn't want to have to hold something that big under my ear, but in reality, I could just a headset or earpiece...

And I like being organized, and emailing and all of that.

And, I thought I wanted to blackberry, but I think maybe the Treo would be better.

So, anyone have any thoughts? Otherwise, I'll probably just go with the pink razr.


  1. I've been drooling over the possibility of getting a Treo for some time now, but I've also looked at lots of alternatvies b/c the Treo 700P (the one I want) is so damned expensive ($300 w/Verizon's new-every-2 discount). I would guess the blackberry won't be pleasing if you've used the Palm OS for very long. The Blackberry is just messaging and web surfing; the Palm runs thousands of applications that can do just about anything you can imagine. So the Treo is much more versatile; it's also more expensive. That's about all I can offer. For people who already use a Palm, the Treo just seems like a no-brainer. If only it wasn't so expensive...

    p.s.: Do you use your Palm to keep your court calendar? I've only seen one or two public defenders actually attempt this. Most people seem to think it's better to use a paper calendar so you can quickly scan the next month or two to select a good court date while the judge is sitting there waiting for you. It's also generally faster to scribble a quick note in a paper calendar when you're on the spot in court. Still, I'd prefer to use the Palm if I could. Any thoughts?

  2. My mom just got a smart phone from Sprint, and she totally loves it. She never had a cell phone before at all, and it's really easy for her to learn.

    Also, I'd recommend buying the actual phone online, like on ebay. You can take it to your company and they'll let you use that, rather than their version for 4x the cost.

  3. After researching a bajillion possibilities, TP got a treo and swears by it - doesn't know how she ever got along without it before.

  4. I am use a Palm Treo 700p every day. I do not really need one, but my job is to write software for the things and the company thinks it is a good idea that I use the device and the software every day. So, I am not a typical user, but I know a lot (way too much) about the things.

    The Treo 700p is a fine combo phone/pda device as long as you do not mind the phone part being somewhat large (3-4 times the weight of a Razr). If you use a bluetooth headset, like this pink one, and leave the Treo in your case or purse that problem goes away (bluetooth is the wireless type so no cables to tangle).

    The Verizon Wireless Email Sync program can sync all of your personal email (in almost all cases) to the device. [BIAS: I work for the company (Nokia now, was Intellisync) that makes the Email sync software. I currently work on the Email client that runs on the Palm devices and some other parts of the Sync software].

    The Calendar and other PIM programs that come with the Treo are fairly good. They a better if you can integrate them with your office email through the Wireless Sync (whether you can depends of what calendar software you use and which services you get from Verizon).

    Some other cool things about the Treo:

    The web browser if fairly decent, but not as good as any desktop browser. I use it for Google, Gmail, and the Google RSS reader. It wil not access the Google Calendar.

    You can use the device to connect your laptop to the internet using the bluetooth connection. This is very handy if you are stuck somewhere that you cannot get WiFi or the internet connection at the office dies.

    The device comes with loads of memory and you can stick a memory card in the slot for even more The memory card is especially good for storing music, pictures, and videos.

    Most of the models come with a camera that can be used to take stills or video. These can be good or bad depending on whether your work can use them or they are not allowed in some of the places you have to go.

    Since it is a Palm OS device there is plenty of useful software out there that can enhance the device (everything from games to industry-specific tools).

    Let me know if you have any questions about them.

  5. One day I got drunk at a bar that was next to a Palm Store, so I bought a Treo on a whim. My husband, who was also pretty toasty, said, "Well, you can write it off, right?" That was all I needed to hear. Sign me up!

    Anyway, I asked the salesman if he had one WITHOUT a camera because you can't take a camera phone into federal court. He lied and said, "no", and I don't really have that many federal court cases anyway, so I went ahead and bought the phone. Then, turns out that there IS a Treo without a camera. Liar!

    Anyway, I used a phone and a palm before, and now just the phone. I love it. I sync it to my calendaring software so I always have my calendar with me. I can always call my clients without having my address book. It's great. One of the better drunken purchases I ever made.

  6. I have the pink bluetooth to go with the pink razr. They both work really well.

  7. I have both a treo and a blackberry. Personally I liked the blackberry better because the damn treo is constantly calling people on it's own.
    That said, the treo is a lot more fun. It is easier to use and the camera is a good addition.
    why two phones?
    the treo goes into state court and the blackberry into federal court where it's allowed. Maybe someday the courts will get into sync with the rest of the world.

  8. Diana Barry BlytheOctober 01, 2006 11:22 PM

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  9. If you want a business device then go for the TREO rather than the Blackberry. Whatever you do, dont get the Pink Razr. Everyone I know who has gotten one hates it. [Although you do do have 14 days to return it if you dont like it and pick something else.]

  10. My family is on Cingular (I don't know if that makes a difference or not for what I'm about to say.) My sister had the Treo (she is a Dr.) and she hated it. The internet was so slow it wasn't worth the money and the Cingular guy told us later that Treos are notoriously slow for internet. The internet itself is expensive and not worth the wait she thinks. I have the pink razr and while I love it for the color, I wouldn't buy it again because when I'm on the phone it makes an annoying buzzing sound and sometimes it just turns itself off. It's much more computer-like than any of my previous phones so it does things like hibernating and not finishing something if I close it before it's done.

  11. i would get the pink razr -- i have the silver one (only because i lacked the courage to get the pink one, for when i'd have to make calls from settlement conferences with gruff, scary old men attorneys who already think i'm silly and frivolous because i have long hair and a high voice), and i love it. I did have a treo before that, and it was such a hassle -- for me, anyway. I kept having software issues related to the calendar stuff and that somehow kept knocking out my ability to hold onto a call, and it was just yuck. I now have a separate pda, which, since it isn't trying to madly multitask, works much better. The only drawback is that I don't always remember to grab both devices on my way out. And ps -- if you have verizon, you apparently cannot buy unlocked phones on ebay to use -- the v. store i always go to just told me this, so make sure your provider will let you use an unlocked phone before you buy one!

  12. I've got a pink razr with matching bluetooth, but it is NOT a good device if you're planning on using it for calendaring.

  13. Good luck with your decision! I can't help you b/c I'm the most technologically un-savvy lawyer around. I still scribble appointments in a little book, and I have the first cell phone that Samsung ever made. It's about 10 years old.

  14. Before you decide you have to check out the Cingular 8125. If you're used to Palm you may end up liking the Treo better; the 8125 is Windows. There is a newer version called the 8525 coming out in a few months. I have a blackberry now and I do love it but it's not perfect and I'm definitely going to switch to the 8525 when it comes out.

  15. I just got the Treo 700P a week ago. So far I love it. The battery has held up through a day of heavy usage (namely a bunch of phone calls, composing parts of a brief, and emailing various people). The bluetooth works lovely (I was so suprised to see how easy it was to transfer the document I had been working on to my laptop when I realized that I had left the cable at the office).

    The only downside is that it is bigger than a Razr or Q phone. The upside is that if you have a document on it, you can alter it. This is something that windows mobile does not allow you to do, or so I was told by the Verizon employee when I asked about the Q phone. The qwerty keyboard takes a little getting used to, but all in all, I like using it better than the Graffitti.

    It may be pricey, but it seems to be worth the price as long as you get it with a data plan.

  16. So what did you decide? You getting one?

  17. I use a Treo 650 and one of the neat things, is that you can punch up speaker phone in the car or anyplace private and talk hands free up to 3 feet away with good results, instant group call, up to 10 feet is stretching it.

    It vibrates and/or alarms audibly, with a good selection of tones. The calendar is easy to use, after the twentieth time or so. The vibrator is good enough to get my attention even when operating a tractor, most of the time. I use Verizon.

    You can also get a significant external antenna which greatly increases the range, if you don't mind pointing the 2 foot long object.

  18. I got a Treo 650 a few months back and only paid $150 for it. I bought a refurb online at, then took it to a cingular store and told them it wasn't working right. The guy went in the back and brought out a brand new one. Voila: a new Treo, $150.