Lawyer Says He's Anna Nicole's Baby Daddy

I may be busy, but I'm not too busy to comment on the fact that Anna Nicole's Lawyer Says He's The Baby Daddy.

According to TMZ:
Attorney Howard K. Stern said on "Larry King Live" that he's the father of Anna Nicole's newborn baby.

The revelation sets up a potentially nasty paternity battle. Stern appeared Tuesday night on "Larry King Live" disclosing his belief that he is the father. The statement is in sharp contrast to comments by Larry Birkhead who has told TMZ in the past that he is the father. Birkhead has asked for a paternity test and it is unclear whether Anna Nicole will oblige.

Stern said on King's show that he has been in love with Anna Nicole for along [sic]time and hopes the feeling is mutual.

I'll admit, I used to watch the Anna Nicole show on E!.

And, as I watched it, I thought, "Well, for the lawyer, he sure spends a lot of time with her. I'm glad I don't spend that much time with my clients." But I thought maybe he was just one of those people who wants to be around celebrities. You know, like those sadistic people who sign up to be Naomi Campbell's personal assistant.

And, watching the show, there were times that I thought maybe he liked her. There were a few episodes where she was really sick or drugged or out of it, and he seemed to really care for her.

But, I also thought that if he was smart enough to be a lawyer, he was probably smart enough to see that she's a little mentally off-balance. (I suspect she's just a drug addict, but whatever the cause, she's definitely a little weird.)

Call me naive, but I never really thought he was shtupping the client.

And, as we all know, shtupping the client is the second biggest sin a lawyer can commit, just after stealing from his client.

Couldn't he have at least recused himself first? Referred her to another lawyer?

This whole thing is just too bizarre for me to wrap my head around.


  1. "Couldn't he have at least recused himself first? Referred her to another lawyer?"

    Doesn't she have some money? Maybe he's hoping to find something easier than working for a living.

    "Big bugs have little bugs
    Upon their backs to bite them.
    And little bugs have littler bugs,
    And ad infinitum."

  2. He's her lawyer in the same way that Gloria Allred was Amber Frey's lawyer; that is, he is apparently a bar member (California Bar # 169888) but mostly talks to the press, more of a publicist with a JD. She has real lawyers for things like arguments in the Supreme Court and contracts with E! entertainment. So shtupping her? It may be fraught with moral questions, but it's different than a criminal lawyer doing the client. (And now I am going to drink heavily and get that picture out of my head.)

  3. Yeah, I'm hoping he's not the one who was running the show for her in front of the Supreme Court...when millions are at stake, probably best to have someone other than your friend who sleeps over doing the oral argument.

  4. Insert inappropriate oral argument joke here.

    I watched a couple episodes of the Anna Nicole Smith show, and I had to stop because I could not watch someone obviously hopped up on drugs be exploited like that. I kept wondering how her "handlers" could have let her appear on t.v. acting like that. Now her "lawyer" is her baby daddy? Poor woman, it seems no one really cares for her, only for what they can get out of her.

  5. He violated 1.8(j)!

    Is it sad that that's the only rule I remember from Professional Responsibility?

  6. Call me naive, but I never really thought he was shtupping the client.

    You might be just a smidgen naive. "A friend" of mine saw them in a hookah bar and she thought Stern was really good to her. She also thought they were bumping uglies.

  7. Ok, I don't mean to be nit pickety... but I think Naomi's assistants would be masochists and she would be the sadist.

    And as for Stern... (inappropriate laddish comment coming) isn't that the dream of every guy? Being paid for being in a relationship with a beautiful woman?

  8. I believe California is one of the few juridictions (maybe the only one) where its ethically "ok" to bang your client.

  9. AngryBell, you're probably right about the sadist/masochist thing. I wasn't sure, but I decided not to google it... I can only imagine what would result.

  10. Apparently, they're doing more than just "bumping uglies."

    Anna Nicole Marries Lawyer

  11. Oh, that poor woman. She really is just a walking train wreck, isn't she?

    I say, if she found love with him, then more power to them both.

  12. As I recall, you violate the ethics code by having sex with your client, UNLESS the sexual relationship started BEFORE the attorney-client relationship. (I believe my ethics professor said this was written specifically to allow lawyers to represent their spouses if the need arose.)

    Anyway, I was wondering when someone was going to raise this issue, because, regardless of what KIND of attorney he was for her, he did represent that he was her ATTORNEY, and, as such, regardless of the circumstances (unless they were bumping uglies before he entered into an attorney-client relationship with her) it is still unethical.

  13. Code of Professional Conduct Section 3-120 (B) is actually pretty liberal.

    "A member shall not:

    (1) Require or demand sexual relations with a client incident to or as a condition of any professional representation; or

    (2) Employ coercion, intimidation, or undue influence in entering into sexual relations with a client; or

    (3) Continue representation of a client with whom the member has sexual relations if such sexual relations cause the member to perform legal services incompetently in violation of rule 3-110."

    [It's probably a good thing if you haven't had to look this up.]

  14. First of all is she really a blonde? Second it is difficult to take anyone serious where their private life is realy a public life. Third, I belive she has as much right to be happy as anyone else but is unlikely to get public sympathy from the public because of how she gained her millions
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