In The Weeds

This may very well be the busiest week I've ever had in my little professional career. I am so exhausted, and I can't sleep because I have a constant to do list running through my head.

When the hell will the weekend get here???


  1. Hang in there! It's um, what's that middle of the weekday called?

  2. See, that's why it's great to be a PD instead of a civil litigator. You actually can look forward to the weekend. For me, I end up working a full day at least one of the weekend days, just to (try to) catch up. And I never catch up.

  3. Hey Blonde Justice!

    Just got back from a long holiday, so I'm making the rounds amongst my legal network. Glad to hear you've been keeping busy but not so good that you don't appear to get much time to yourself. Aww!

    P.S. Thanks for the link (apologies if you're hearing this again) - the bonus of a (*) was pretty nice too.

    Miss H