Gingerbread Condominium

not martha recently mentioned a display of gingerbread houses made by architects.

I have a group of friends that together every Christmas to make gingerbread houses. When I first heard about it, I thought "Gee, that will be fun." So, I went. And I was amazed at the array of building materials that they had assembled.

I sat down and started working on my gingerbread house. After an hour or so, I was pretty happy with the milk-carton-shaped house I had assembled and covered with pink gumdrops and pink frosting. I even made a pretty pink peppermint pathway leading up to the house.

Then I glanced up at my friends' gingerbread houses... or, um, actually, everything but houses. Eiffel towers, Frank Lloyd Wright designs with waterfalls running through them, Golden Gate bridges. Even the kids had designed beachfront luxury resorts that would make Paris Hilton jealous.

One of the women looked at my milk carton house, looked at me, and then said, with the straightest face, "Oh. We're all architects."

Um, yeah. Thanks for telling me now.

That was 2 years ago. A week or two later I was inspired (again by not martha) to someday make a gingerbread courtroom.

Yesterday I got my first Christmas catalog of the season in the mail. So, I'm thinking now is the time to start the blueprint phase of my gingerbread courtroom that is going to kick all of the architects' buttresses. (Me? Competitive? No, never.)

I'm picturing a "courtroom in Miracle on 34th Street (the original version)" theme.

Anyone know anything about architecture? Or blue prints? Or building? Or anything? You can leave the gumdrop sorting to me.

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  1. If you really want to do drawings, check out the way-cool Google SketchUp.

    It's a 3D drawing tool that's pretty easy to use. And it's free. It's not as powerful a a full-blown CAD tool, but, like I said, it's free. You should be drawing little courtrooms in no time.