Brady Filing System

I had to take one of my clients to the prosecutor's office today. That's right, he's snitching. But that's a subject for another day.

My client and I arrived exactly on time for our meeting, and the prosecutor, in what I thought to be a possible power play, made us sit and wait over a half-hour to see him.

I was thinking about when I was younger and I went on a tour of some big palace, where there was a grand, ostentatious entrance. The tour guide said that the purpose of the making the entrance so large and beautiful (even where the rest of the palace was not as ornate) was to humble visitors, and to show the wealth and power of the person living in the palace.

I thought that if the prosecutor really wanted to seem important, he could have made us wait somewhere nicer than a dirty cramped little hall, just a few feet from the copy room.

In fact, immediately next to the bench where my client and I sat was a very large shredder.

But the half-hour wait proved to be just a little too short. Because it didn't give me enough time to decide between writing:

"BRADY MACHINE" in the style of the copy room sign

or, the less formal "BRADY GOES HERE" (with an arrow downward)

on the wall above the Brady machine... uh, I mean, the shredder.


  1. hahahahah. Stupid power games. One of my private clients did that with his bill. jackass.

    Brady machine. hahahahah

  2. You are getting jaded.

  3. Power games are obnoxious. It's too bad so many people out there have little regard for simple courtesy.

  4. Just stash it in the hard drive and keep it for when you need it (if you or a colleague have a cell phone, take a picture of it)...remember, "revenge is a dish best served cold"...

  5. Oh, man. You are so much more clever than I. Brady machine! Ha!

  6. Hahaha..that's hilarious. By the way, I'm reading a book now called "Courtroom 302" by Steve Bogira. It's about a year in the life of a Chicago criminal court. It's riveting; I can't put it down. Have you read it? If not, I highly recommend it. Excellent and interesting read.

  7. Ha! I wonder how long it would have taken them to notice the creative relabelling. So funny, that blonde...

  8. "You are getting jaded."

    Weird. I would think that a young, new, idealistic attorney would think that all of her clients are innocent and that the prosecutors are shredding the innocent.

    I think a jaded lawyer would say, "Brady? There's nothing to shred, all of my clients are guilty anyway."

  9. Very funny.
    You should have done it.

  10. Eddie Merkin i like your comments very much. :)