Best Search Terms

Some of my favorite search terms from Friday...

  • "Buying prostitutes avoid arrested" - I think they probably prefer the word "hiring." And the best way to avoid arrested is not to do it. C'mon, there's lots of nasty diseases (and worse) out there.

  • "Defense lawyer kills own client" - It's ok, I'm sure every defense lawyer has had those days.
  • "80's fashion, jellies shoes" - Maybe for a little kid, but no adult should be wearing jelly shoes. You know, "If you wore a trend the first time around, you shouldn't wear it the second time it comes back into style."
  • t - so glad to see my blog comes up in this important search.
  • "what does a police prosecutor do" - put people in jail (see next search term)
  • "tips to face da interview" - this is the most important search because I see that it didn't bring you to the post I had in mind. If you want my take on a DA interview, you should read this post. I only wish Legally Blonde still had the interview questions up. If anyone can remember them, or find a cached copy, let me know and maybe I can add them in the comments or something.
  • "parole 'girlfriends'" - this is just a weird search, I have no idea what you had in mind. Yes, people on parole can have girlfriends, but it would probably be best to limit the drama to one girlfriend per parolee. And don't hit them. Because that would probably just land you back in prison.

    1. When I click on your links for Legally Blonde on this post, I get directed to Illegally Blonde. Just so you know.

    2. Ooops, looks like Legally Blonde got... hijacked? I'll take down the link.

    3. I assumed that "tips to face da interview" meant "tips to face the interview" - perhaps a sign that I've become far too ghetto-fabulous.

      I'm da bomb.

    4. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who got here through the "blonde justice" blog link.

      It most likely would have been more fun to get here through some of the other google searches.

      But I'm just glad to be here now.

    5. In case you're still looking, you can find Blonde Justice's original post at

      Or you can do a google search for <<"legally blonde" interview prosecutor>> and look at the cache for the first result. But probably you know this by now.