Snake on a Plane

I think the best cartoon I saw yesterday (I wish I could find it, but I can't) was of John Karr, the JonBenet Ramsey "suspect" (there's a false confession if I've ever heard one), sitting on a plane. The caption? "Snake on a Plane."


Really, these Snakes on a Plane jokes will never get old.

Oh, and by the way, when you fly first class with the police who are questioning you, it's going to be that much harder to say your statements were coerced.


  1. There's been a lot of indignant talk on the news around here about how he got to eat shrimp and pate on the plane, and how absured it is that he should fly in such luxury. Which leads me to wonder: is airline pate seriously considered a luxury now?

  2. WOW! The guy gets a free first class plane ride to the U.S.A. and 15 mins fame. They could have questioned him in over there and saved the people money. Most newspapers say that he may have meet the child; but, he knows no more than what was published to the public.

  3. Yeah, the guy is clearly obsessed with JonBenet. I just haven't heard anything yet to prove his obsession started before she died.

  4. He is allegedly an internet child porn freak. He's probably fantasized about it so much he's convinced himself it's the truth.

  5. Blonde--

    I think you've posted on Allison margolin before, but she's back again--the other Elle Woods,0,3235559,full.story?coll=la-home-headlines

  6. dude. it was business class. not first class. most of the plane on an international flight like that is "business class", no? but yes, he did get to eat prawns (they were fried), and watched a movie (oddly, i think it was mission impossible III, which there's got to be some kind of joke about). and pate is gross.

  7. Besides which, as was also pointed out, he hasn't even been charged with a crime yet, let alone convicted of one, and on top of that returned voluntarily, instead of fighting extradition. What should they do, feed him bread and water?

  8. Ummm... What kind of treatment do think they give my clients (also innocent until proven guilty), minority guys who are accused of assaulting little minority girls who aren't beauty queens?

    Bologna Sandwiches on a bus.

    So don't tell me that wasn't first class.

  9. I think business class is probably to protect him due to the extensive publicity surrounding Jon Benet's murder. Fewer people (international flights are not "majority" business class). Easier to protect the prisoner from random outraged people. Once he was there, it would have been a pain for the flight attendants to find some gruel to serve him rather than the normal business class fare.

    But, yes, it was extravagent, Blondie. Probably somewhat necessary, though.

  10. dude, business class is the first class on many international flights. (business class is first class, economy class is everyone else.) dude.

  11. The media circus: obscene.
    The feeling it gives me: unclean.
    The “confessor:” insane.
    The pundits: inane
    But they greedily rake in the green.

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