My Pathetic Real World Rant

Ok, I can't hold it in anymore, I must blog something about The Real World: Key West. And I know that my unhealthy obsession will quickly become apparent, but, here goes...

How freakin' annoying is Tyler? He's so rude, but he has the nerve to constantly complain about other people being inconsiderate? He is the first one to talk about other housemates (e.g. constantly bad-mouthing Svetlana and that stupid third grade book about the housemates), but gets so irritated about other people talking about him? (And, by the way, complaining to your mother when someone is being a total asshole to you is not the same as being a gossipy little bitch.) You're so "tender" and "sensitive?" Ever heard of don't dish it out if you can't eat it up?

But here's the best part. Or, maybe it's the most annoying part. But, either way... When Tyler was constantly picking on Svetlana, no one took her side, did they? Everyone went right along with Tyler. Especially Jose, who seems like he will just jump on any bandwagon. (I blame John to a lesser extent, because at least he usually stands up for himself.) But it's not so funny when you're the target, is it?

Oh, and now that the other housemates are pissed off at Tyler, he's sweet to Svetlana again? "Svetlana, should we put more spices in here? More basil?" She should tell him to fuck off.

The lesson we need to learn from these kids, who are definitely old enough to know better, is that it's never cool to make fun of people and no one likes a two-faced person.

Oh, and Tyler, your paintings sucked. And you're Olympian event was super lame. How's it feel when someone makes fun of you?

(By the way, if you were wondering where Paula Walnut's myspace page is, it's here. If you scroll down there is a really scary picture of her in a bikini, complete with anorexic rib cage.)


  1. Okay the picture with her schmoozing with Trishelle says it all.

  2. Good to see she's keeping her alcohol binges to a minimum. And good lord, that's a lot of crap on her page. Did you notice Keith was her first friend?

    Alas, I can't comment on this past episode b/c I haven't seen it yet. Damn bar exam messes everything up!

  3. I hate to admit it, but I have followed the Real World, Key West a little too closely. Tyler is such a JERK!! I am so glad that other people in that house are starting to realize it. I just can't believe it took them that long.

  4. Yes, Tyler is a jerk. A HILARIOUS jerk. Plus it was all edited to look like that too. Svetlana was a total idiot and I am sure did mean crazy stuff too. We just didnt get to see all of it. She sucked. Love Paula though. I think the other roommies didn't defend Svetlana because they all really knew her...we didn't really know her...only 20hours worth of her. They all knew she was lame.