Fantasy Recap

It's a quiet day in the world of fantasy sports, at least for me.

Baseball is on the All-Star Break, and the World Cup has come to an end. (As if you didn't know that!)

In case you're wondering, my team, Pele in Pink, finished 2nd in the Blawger World Cup 06 League (I won't post the rankings because some people might not have anonymized, but I will say that whoever was in 1st led by A LOT. Go ahead and take credit in the comments if you want.)

Pele in Pink was also ranked 7,315 in the U.S. Really, that's not so bad! It's 90th Percentile! Which, I think is a good thing. (Or could it mean that I'm in the bottom 10%? Nah, let's be optomistic - It must mean I was in the top 10%.)

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for my baseball team. My team, the Pink Panthers, is ranked 10th out of 12 (and I just moved up from 11th, where I had been stuck for weeks). I'm convinced I need to come up with a better name if I'm going to improve... but what should it be?

The criteria: It should be something that takes into account my love for all things pink and, if possible, has something to do with baseball. Last year, my team was Caught Stealing (a baseball reference, and a reference to something that has happened to many of my clients.) And I finished 5 out of 12. This year, The Pink Panthers has no reference to baseball, and I'm ranked 10 out of 12. Should I go back to Caught Stealing? I was confident I'd be able to come up with something better...


  1. My baseball team sucks. I just can't get my head into the weekly head-to-head strategy (vs. season-long rotisserie).

    In World Cup, I was trying to catch up to you but never quite could. Wound up 3rd in our group (my overall team ranking was 82,551; my husband's was 81,908. Damn him.).

  2. I stunk it up pretty badly in the WC Fantasy league. In all fairness although I love soccer, I didn't spend enough time working with my team to stay time I'll have to use another excuse.

    Fans of Other Teams
    Rank: 10,573
    Percentile: 52nd
    Rank Change: -49
    Blawger World Cup 06
    Rank: 7 (8)

  3. How about Caught Pink Handed

  4. I'd like to thank whoever didn't fill in a bracket in the WC Fantasy league for making me suck the teensiest bit less, but still a lot. I'm better at basketball.

    As per baseball: Pinked Off the Runner at First? Sort of a play on picking off a runner? Not nearly as clever or concise (or even possible to figure out) as caught stealing, though.

  5. How about the Pink Knickerbockers? Or the Pink Curveball, it also sounds like a potential cocktail. "I'll kick back with a Pink curveball and watch the game."