Blog Therapy

In response to my post on The Ominous Omnibus, Anonymous Law Student asks:
Sometimes I can see myself as a PD....and sometimes I can see myself in jail for strangling some future client. How do you not totally flip out on someone like that?

It's because of this blog that I can have a sense of humor in these situations. Instead of gritting my teeth, or blowing up at my client and screaming, "SHUT UP! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN OMINOUS HEARING! YOU'RE NOT A JAILHOUSE LAWYER, YOU'RE AN IDIOT!!!" I'm grinning and thinking to myself, "Oh yes, keep it coming, this is going to make fantastic blog material!"

I have no idea how public defenders without blogs get through the day.


  1. How do you not totally flip out on someone like that?

    I wonder how I keep my cool nearly every day.

  2. Medication?

    Sadly, I am the only pd in my office of 9 that isn't on prescription drugs...

  3. Anonymous:

    Your health benefits will probably cover the meds. It's one of the few finace-related benefits. That's obviously b/c they realize just how stressful the gig really is.

    Go runnin' for the shelf and
    The pd's little helper

  4. When I did PD work, JD was very helpful, and I don't mean the degree!

  5. funny how having a blog changes your perspective on a lot of things.

    i also wonder how i would have restrained myself from strangling the gunners in my classes without having a public forum to bitch about it.

    harder to deal with: gunners or pd clients?

  6. Why am I so drawn to this area of the law? I feel a mix of excitement, fear, and dread, all at once.

    Why can't I just make myself interested in contract law or something?

  7. You've got a point. Blogs weren't around when I was a PD--perhaps I wouldn't have burned out after a few years if I'd had one.

    Or, maybe I should have taken drugs.

    Either way, maybe I could have eked out a few more years....

  8. I like your blog a lot. I'm curious how you draw the line between respecting client's confidentiality and not talking about the details of specific cases while at the same time blogging about certain things that occur...? From my experience, it's a fine line. What are your thoughts?

  9. From an old old former PD: I agree that if there had been blogging back in my PD days, I might not have burned out as fast. Actually, I used alcohol to cope, though not at work thank goodness.

    A few years after leaving the PD system I faced facts and sobered up.

    But I am still crazy as hell. Thank goodness. :-)