Spider Woman

I saw the grossest, weirdest tattoo tonight.

This woman was wearing shorts.

On her lower calf, she had a tattoo of a large spider.

Coming up from the spider, there was a line, like the web the spider was dangling from.

And at the top of the line, was the web. Except, it wasn't a tattoo, it was her varicose or spider veins.

I tried, but my camera phone sucks too much for me to get a picture.

So, instead, you'll get my artist's rendition, which isn't half as gross:


  1. Maybe not half as gross, but twice as funny.

  2. This post caused horrible noises to emit from my nose in my attempt to stifle laughter so as not to seem like a hysterical loony at my desk.
    Now my co-workers are convinced I have some awful ear-nose-throat condition.

  3. On one hand I think, Sweet jeezus what the hell was that lady thinking. Then on the other hand I think, Sweet jeezus, what the hell was that lady thinking!

  4. Sanchovilla, don't you mean "But at the same time..."?

  5. Gotta give her credit for embracing an imperfection, but my gawd did she have to do it like that? I think my jaw would have dropped had I seen the horror in person.