Shoe Wa Wa!

I own some really hot shoes. And I get more all the time. But not often enough. But I rarely shoe blog. Why? Because I am so paranoid that someone will see me in court and say, "Those are some amazing shoes... I think I've seen them before... wait a minute... are you Blonde Justice?"

So, I don't shoe blog. Sometimes I think about posting something like the ones I bought, but changing the color or the design slightly. But then they're not as cute as my shoes. And, besides, then we start down the slippery slope toward fictitious blog.

So, I don't shoe blog. But I do love to live vicariously and read other shoe blogs.

And I really wish I could be as organized with my shoes as ljc.


  1. Hahahaha. I have over 100 pairs of shoes!! Shoes are my kryptonite.

  2. i have a show problem

    i also have a 'i have no money because i live off student loans' problem

    they dont go together very well

  3. The only shoe problem is not having enough shoes!

  4. Maybe one of you could come over to my house and explain this to my spouse, because i have 4 pairs of shoes for work (black and brown in both flat and heels) and he is convinced that I am some sort of shoe freak who needs to be stopped and I think that's far too few and I stalk my favorite pairs on zappos.

  5.!!! I LOVE SHOES!!! They can inspire confidence on even the worst of days :) Once I even had to dump a boy that I was living with because he said I had to get rid of a pair of shoes every time I got a new pair :( I need to pass the bar so I can open my new office - and wear whatever shoes I want to work!!! It is always wonderful to stumble (which would NEVER happen if I were wearing heels - I walk better in them!) upon a shoey blog entry. Walk on!!!