It's All A Popularity Contest

The boys at Barely Legal point out that they are now the second listing when you google "Barely Legal."

Inspired, The Littlest Tortfeasor takes a moment to assess her google listing.

When I first started this blog, two long years ago, I was concerned with my place in the google world. (Now I'm much more concerned with my Technorati links.)

And, like the boys at Barely Legal, I too am up against porn, which is generally hard to overcome in google rankings.

Anyway, today, inspired by The Littlest Tortfeasor, I googled Blonde Justice.

And, check it out! I have surpassed the Blonde Justice porn!

Who knew this day would ever come? I would like to thank God, my readers, everyone who ever said I couldn't do it because that just made me work harder...


  1. Why so sad? (your mood posted as sad).

  2. Even without porn you've got a great just add a little porn and you'll take over the whole web!

  3. Congrats on surpassing the porn :) I'm actually really glad there's no tortfeasor porn. Well, at least not any on google.

  4. One of my friends is moving away. Today will be the last day I see her. (That's why I'm so sad. Thanks for asking.)

  5. Congratulations on now being the top! I haven't had that problem on unique enough name or something. Anyway, congrats.

  6. Awesome!!

    And it goes without saying that you are better than porn. Porn isn't even in the same league as you!!