Indefensible Is Headed Towards Me!

I got an email that my copy of Indefensible : One Lawyer's Journey into the Inferno of American Justice by David Feige has shipped, and is probably packed securely on some truck headed towards me right this very minute.

If you don't have your own copy on a truck somewhere, you'd better hurry up and order one. They might be the next big thing since Thai yellow shirts.


  1. Got one for my law school graduation yesterday, and I've already read half of it. It's excellent!

  2. I'm one of the schmucks that ordered a signed copy a few weeks ago and I have no idea when my copy is coming in...damn it!

  3. Hey, looks interesting. That'll be the next book on my to-be-read list.

  4. Hi Blonde,
    I'm so glad--Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Sancho, my abject apologies. I've been so crazy the last few days that I just couldn't get all of them out. But I've resolved to stay up all night tonight and get everything printed signed, packed and shipped by tomorrow. (These all come from my very small studio apartment which is now strewn with envelopes and glue sticks). Anyway, please don't feel like a schmuck. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support and will get these on their way ASAP