Ladies of the Blawgosphere

WWFD is one of my favorite blogs, and one of the first that I check everyday.

Although technically a "blawg," E. Spat doesn't focus on law, or even the serious, very often.

But, when she does, it's a good one.

I didn't know Alaska was still feeling the effects of the Exxon Valdez spill. Or, that there's something we can do about it. Read Will Work for Favorable Dicta: Exxon Was Here: Make them pay! to learn more. (Complete with a citation! I'm so impressed!)

Elsewhere in the blawgosphere, Just Peachy has apparently hung up her keyboard. Sad, because I really like to see other PDs blog. I think PDs are all the most fantastic people, and I love to hear what they have to say. But I can appreciate how hard it is to balance being true to yourself, your clients, your colleagues, and your blawg. So, I don't blame her, but I hope she'll consider a reincarnation someday.

In the good news category...

F&D has a job all lined and up and is now making her way through BarBri. Hooray! (Also, if you're looking for yet another bar exam blog, I just received a request for a link to Virginia Bar Exam Blog. Might be helpful whether you're in VA or not.)

2 baby announcements - Not Guilty has made the decision to adopt internationally. I can't wait to read tons of baby stories! But, be forewarned, friends of ours adopted a baby last year and now, oops!, she's pregnant -- with twins! I wonder if there's ever been a study done of how many women get pregnant quickly after adopting.

And, in the "How Did I Missed the Big Announcement?" Category, I think APL is once again putting the "P" in APL. (In other words, I think she's pregnant again. Either that, or she's just wearing maternity clothes for fun?) I wonder if she'll have to change her description of how she named the blawg.

UPDATE -- This just in: Audacity is being promoted to a felony lawyer! Major congratulations are due. (And, on the sad side, she also, like so many of us, contemplates blogging, anonymity, and whether it is worth it to continue.) Stick in there!!!

Did I miss anything else? Anyone have any announcements they want to make, or anything else want to share? The floor is open...


  1. No one would ever wear maternity clothes for fun. I'm just sayin'. I look like a VW Bug wearing a tent.

  2. After five years of trying and doctors and prescriptions and ... oh my; my wonderful wife and I adopted our brilliant daughter. Fourteen months later, we were miraculously pregnant. Our doctor says that about 20% of couples who adopt because of infertility end up conceiving. After all we went through, we were SURE we were in the 80% group. Never ... not in an million years ... could we have anticipated the joy of our second child.

  3. Aw! Thanks for posting my good news. Reading other people's happiness makes me happy too!