Blonde Mom Goes To The Movies

When I talk to my mother on the phone, I'm almost always assured that I will get at least one fantastic "Blonde Mom" quote to laughingly share with my friends after I hang up the phone.

Today was a doozy. I spoke to my mother for a half-hour and hung up feeling like my head was going to explode from all of the crazy things she said. Sometimes I wonder if I should take notes while I'm on the phone with her.

Unfortunately, many of the quotes relate to closely to my "real life" to be shared on the blog. But here is one little gem I saved just for you...

Blonde Mom: I think we might go to the movies. We want to see that RV movie.
Me: Hmm, that sounds nice. Oh, by the way, what do you think of that 9/11 movie?
Blonde Mom: Well, that guy said it was good.
Me: What guy is that?
Blonde Mom: Ernie.
Me: Who?
Blonde Mom: You know... Ernie. You know... Bert and Ernie. I think Ernie is the one who said it.

What are the chances they were talking about the 9/11 movie on Sesame Street?


  1. Oh, dear! Your mother sounds like quite a trip.

  2. Thank you for that, I just blew hot coffee out of my nose.

  3. oh dear. IT took me a while to figure out what she was talking about.