Blonde Justice Book Club

Two books I haven't read yet, but I'm planning to...

First, Indefensible by David Feige. I've already ordered my copy. I love Indefensible, the blog, and I'm really looking forward to Indefensible, the book. So, I invite you to pre-order your copy from Amazon or a personalized, autographed copy from the author himself. If you don't, you'll feel incredibly left out when every blawger is blawging about the book and you can't even get your hands on a copy.

(By the way, I got nothing, not even a free book, out of this plug. I'm just genuinely excited about the book. And I expect similar free reciprocal publicity someday when I write my book.)

The second book that I've ordered is Anonymous Lawyer by Jeremy Blachman. I haven't been a regular reader of Anonymous Lawyer, the blog, although I did catch the whole "He's just a law student!" controversy. The big-firm-lawyer thing, whether fictional or not, is something that's foreign, but not foreign enough, for me. I never summered at a firm, I never interviewed at firms, I never got caught up in the firm thing. So, in one respect, it's as foreign to me as if I was a non-lawyer reading that type of blog. But, in another respect, I have law school friends who did go to big firms. And, it's interesting, to the extent that we discuss it, because in some regards I guess it bugs me to know that they spend on lunch what I can afford in groceries for the month, but I know that they always want to hear about my job because I have a truly interesting job, so I've just come to accept the fact that every job has its own pros and cons. I know I would love to have that salary, but I know I couldn't handle that kind of bullshit, so, I guess we all make our own choices.

Anyway, Anonymous Lawyer, the book, is apparently either based on, or inspired by, Anonymous Lawyer, the blog, and is written in blog format. I have been offered an advance copy of Anonymous Lawyer (not quite sure when I'll receive it), so you can also look forward to a review of that sometime in the future.

So, we'll getting all literary around here. Next thing you know, there will be real content and everything. Shocking, I know.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I knew AL was writing a book, but I didn't know it was available on amazon already. I only started reading the blog after the brouhaha about him being a law student. I thought it was pretty funny (and, thankfully, could not relate to a lot of it).

  2. Oh yes, I identify with the public/private firm thing. It's a choice I made a long time ago (I did check out the big private firms but realised I'd die in there!) but choices have consequences. Sometimes I wish I'd gone private for the first few years, made some money and then gone public. I worked almost as hard as the private firm people for half the money. I've wised up now, I can tell ya!

    Seriously, it can be challenging to see people earning heaps, and getting worldly recognition because they have the word "partner" after their name. But it's worth exploring why that gets under our skin, what it says about our values, and so on.

    Enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Indefensible? Really? What is it that puts you so loyally in Feige's personal fan club?

  4. Hey Blonde,
    Hope you like it.
    Do let me know....

  5. I read Indefensible, and it is just as good as you would expect. I loved it. And, as a big firm lawyer, I regularly follow Anonymous Lawyer - it brings me huge perverse solace. Sometimes, I think some of the partners at my firm could be writing the damn thing. I didn't know the book was coming out. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to your comments.