Women's Tourney Results

And the bragging rights to go to... Milbarge of BTQ!
Congratultations to "Milbarge Loves the Ladies!"

Thanks to all who played. We'll be back next year (maybe.) And, in the meantime, get to work on your Blawgers' Fantasy Baseball Teams!

(And a special thanks to pseudostoops, who protected the rest of us from last place. What happened? Probably this vacation.)


  1. oops. Yeah, I blame the vacation, and the fruity rum drinks. The best laid plans....

    If it makes you feel any better, I also came in last place in the pool where I actually filled out a bracket.

  2. Sweet! I'm disappointed my Dukies didn't win it, but it looks like I didn't need the points anyway. Thanks for running this thing -- rematch next year? :)

  3. Rematch? Sure, but next time I get to win.

    Otherwise, I'm taking my game and going home. =)

  4. I WAS ROBBED! All fianl fours teams and nothing... Oh well, congrats on the win, well done.

  5. The all-ACC plan finally worked - on the men's side, I went down faster than a pro se defendant...

  6. My new favorite quote: "I went down faster than a pro se defendant..."