Easter Candy

This Easter Candy quiz at APL just made me realize that I never got one of my favorite Easter candies this year...

The Snickers Egg.

It's like all the good things I love in a Snickers (namely, the goo) without all that unnecessary bar-iness. Actually, I think the chocolate covering might be somehow softer and meltier on the egg than it is on the bar.

In years past, I've hit a few drug stores the day after Easter and stocked up on 10 cent Snickers Eggs. This year, I kind of forgot all about it, and it might be too late. But I don't really remember seeing them around either, because I'm sure I would've grabbed them.

(For the record, I did take the quiz. And my result ended up being some kind of ad for some mail-order chocolate covered strawberries. As if that has anything to do with Easter. Puh-lease.)


  1. I do love those Snickers eggs. I think they're even better than regular Snickers (says the woman with 3 Snickers mini wrappers lying next to her) because... and don't think I'm crazy here... I honestly think the nougat is saltier in the Snickers eggs. The flavor is just... different. And better.

  2. Based on this post, I tried a Snickers Egg at work. It was weird, like there was extra chocolate and caramel. It was ok, but I felt it was saltier than a regular. I think I'll stick with Snickers minis.

  3. Whew, so it's not just me--they are saltier.

  4. Mmmm.... salt and chocolate.

    I wish I knew where to find a snickers egg.