8th & Ocean

Alright, I'm ready to admit my guilty pleasure... I'm hooked on 8th & Ocean.

And I must have at least one reader who is willing to admit it too.

Because I have a question. I think maybe I missed an episode.

I saw the episode where Teddy had a crush on Britt and asked her on a date. Also, in that episode, Kelly said that she wanted a boob job, and Irene Marie took her to meet with a doctor.

Then, in the next episode I saw, Teddy was on a date with Heide, and there was no mention of the boob job. Also, I assume something more happened between Teddy and Britt, because at the end of the last episode other people were talking about why Teddy puts up with Heide grinding up against every guy in the club, and someone said something like, "That's his way of dealing with what happened between him and Britt."

So, what happened? What did I miss?

Also, the way I saw the episodes, they never really even introduced Heide. I guess she's a model, but why doesn't she live in the "Models' Apartment?" What is her background? And where does she live?

Wait, now I'm remembering that Britt sees Teddy making out in the hottub with someone... was that Heide? Did Britt and Teddy have any further conversation after that? I was really hoping to see her "Oh no you didn't" side!

And, just for fun, I've added a blogpoll:

UPDATE: In the interest of fair election results, I've added photos below.


  1. I am so happy that someone else has admitted that they watch this show. I, too, am addicted. It doesn't sound like you missed anything. Britt told Teddy she didn't want to go out on a date with him because they have different values. She thinks he is a player (evidenced by him making out in the jacuzzi with Heide). Nothing else happened with that in the next episode. He just hooked up with Heide some more. I think the show edits out a lot of stuff and/or they don't get a lot of relevant things on video, so there is likely more to the story.

    I also don't know what happened to the boob job, either. Maybe she just went for a consult? It is difficult for me to follow how much time passes on the show. Maybe it has only been a few days?

    Wow, I am embarrassed that this comment is so long already. I haven't even gotten into the Sabrina/Kelly dynamic.

  2. I like the twins without the augmentation, but that's just me.

  3. Also, I should add, that I think sometimes, especially on MTV shows, my Tivo cuts off the first two minutes or last two minutes. So, maybe I could've missed all of this in the that time?

    But whatever happened to Kelly getting her boob job? Does it make sense that they just wouldn't mention it again?

  4. I love that show too, but I couldn't take your poll because red & yellow together make me want to vomit. For the record, Britt is hotter

  5. And Tracie - I feel for her. I tried to *will* her not to cry.

  6. So, has anyone else noticed that the twins are the people who do the contact lens commercial about astigmatism?

  7. i love 8th and ocean that is my show after LB love britt can't believe she is leaving on the next episode but hopefully she will come back

  8. I see it's been a while since anyone posted. Just in case these things were still unanswered, Kelly decided not to get the boob job after all. They showed Irene Marie slightly miffed at hers and the doctor's time wasted over Kelly being all for it and then backing out. And, yes, Britt cancelled on Teddy due to the morals and she didn't want to just be another girl. Teddy was too smitten with Heide to care. What I know they didn't show is Teddy breaking it off with Heide. Tonight's episode suggests Teddy isn't with Heide anymore but they never showed him breaking it off.

  9. they showed teddy breaking it off with heide--on the beach he said let's just be friends after she wanted to be official