Mr. Andrea Yates Remarries

Mr. Andrea Yates (aka Rusty) remarried today.

Around the time of the drownings and trial, I read quite a bit about the Yates family. And, obviously, while Rusty Yates wasn't home at the time his children died and can't be held responsible, I always thought that maybe he should have done more sooner. As I remember, she had a history of severe post-partum depression and was staying home full-time with all of the children. I read somewhere that they were specifically warned not to have more children before the youngest child was born. Also, it seemed like there was some sort of weird Christian brainwashing thing going on - I seem to remember that years prior they had lived in a bus and continued to try to have more children. I'm not saying he was the one doing the brainwashing, but he had some sort of job at NASA or something, maybe he could've helped a little with responsible family planning. Maybe he could have pushed her into more psych treatment, maybe he could have found a way to relieve her for a few hours a day. I don't know that it would have made a difference, but I was surprised how little blame he got in the media.

Maybe it's unfair to blame him, but I think a husband has a basic obligation to his wife, and to their children, to make sure that she's healthy physically and mentally, especially if she's not in a position to do so herself. Somewhat similarly, I have a very casual acquantaince who very obviously has an eating disorder. She looks like she's going to fall down and die any minute. A lot of other acquantainces talk about her ("Why doesn't she eat something? Doesn't she know how bad she looks?") but the thing that I can never get over is that she's married! Why doesn't her husband encourage her to get some help, or check her into an eating disorder clinic himself? It makes me wonder if he's at home encouraging her illness. I can't understand why my friends who know him better aren't putting more pressure on him to do something. (I don't know him at all, other than to know that she's married and what her husband does for a living) Isn't that part of his responsibility as a husband?

Anyway, back to Rusty Yates. I guess it's neither here nor there what he could have done prior to June 2001 to save his children. I'm just amazed that he came out of this looking like the mourning, bewildered, blameless husband. So blameless, in fact, that he has remarried. I would have thought he'd have a hard time finding a new woman. He's not a bad looking guy, but I would think any woman would say, "Hey, I heard about you. Didn't you push your last wife to keep having babies and stay at home with them 24/7 until she really cracked and now your kids are dead and your wife is in prison? No, sorry, I'm not available Saturday night."

But, no, not only has he remarried, his new wife looks pretty attractive in her wedding dress. Maybe Andrea Yates was that pretty on her wedding day, but she sure went downhill by the time they took her mugshot. Isn't anyone in this new young bride's family worried that the same fate awaits her? (Not just the unattractiveness, and maybe not murder specifically, but unhappiness in general.)

Now, Andrea Yates sits in prison or a psych hospital, all dull hair and big glasses, while her ex-husband trades up for a new little model and goes on his honeymoon. Does this seem a little disturbing to anyone else?


  1. Don't know if it'll reassure you, but most of the Yates stories I read back around the time of her trial were somewhat critical of him. Or at least, the articles gave plenty of space to Andrea's family's criticisms of him, which were basically what you wrote in your post. That is, he knew she was sick, he knew she was stressed beyond belief, he knew she was struggling, and yet he basically left her alone all the time with the children, making her fend for herself.

  2. Yeah, I remember she had 3(?) kids in diapers at the time, plus the others were home-schooled, plus I think she was taking care of her sick parents nearby. I remember being amazed that she'd only attempted suicide once.

    I believe they were part of the "full quiver" movement, which means having as many babies as physically possible. I suppose he's still part of that, and I assume his new wife is, as well.

    While I understand he couldn't be held legally culpable in any way, I'm still surprised that he forgave himself so quickly.

    1. and she was using cloth diappers and living in a van or something. On and off her medication so her husband could get her pregnant again against the doctors advice. Im also surprised she didnt attempted suicide more and im surprised she didnt killed him for being abussive, iresponsible and a complete son of a ****

    2. Quiverful Movement. no birth control, have as many children as "God" will give you.

  3. This is more than a little disturbing, blond. This guy comes home one day to find his 5 children dead and his psycho wife pushed to the edge. Maybe he should have taken some of her calls for help seriously. I don't believe she never complained to him about the stress. We see people charged everyday by child protective services for neglect even if they per se weren't harming the child; they are charged because they should have removed the child from the situation. Where was Rusty??? Does the local child protection agency have this guy monitored? If he was so clueless last time, whose to say some any child under his roof is safe? Fatherhood is more than just a title Rusty, there is some responsibility attached. If the whole family thing was too much for you Rusty...there was always Divorce.

  4. Me thinks the new Mrs. Yates is a drama glutton. It's not like they'll ever escape the history of that past.

    On another front, what I think should happen in such cases is the the person testifying "mistakenly" (aka perjury) should serve the same sentence as the defendant. That would cut down on bs testimony to a certain extent. Oh, go ahead, tell me that psychiatrist didn't know they were making up the Law and Order portion of their testimony. Go ahead, tell me. I'm waiting.

    Toss in the prosecutor, too.

  5. So much for...

    "Do you Rusty take Andrea to be your wife? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?"

    Rusty failed Andrea in so many ways, even if he is not directly culpable in the murders of his children. He discarded Andrea, threw her away like a piece of trash.

    It's just a good thing that his new wife is 41 (she looks 25 in those photos... due to the miracle of modern cosmetic science, I suppose). Most likely there won't be a lot of time for his quiver to be refilled.

  6. I find that our American Justice system has double standards when it comes to women vs. men responsibilities and obligations.

    Assume that the situation would be the opposite; than a man killed his 5 children, while he was previously having mental problems. Would you, Blond, come out and demand that she takes some part of the responsibility for not, say, divorcing the father or obtaining a restraining order ...? Most people would just say that she was a victim of an abusive man who killed 5 of her children.

    But when it comes to a woman commiting this sickening crime, we are trying to find a way to blaim her husband (even though the blaim is moral only). This is a DOUBLE standard.

    Similarly, look at some of the sex offenders, specifically (high school) teachers who have sexual contact with students. When a man teacher has sex with an underaged female student, then he is called a sex offender (which he should be), but when a woman teacher has a sex with an underaged male student, then it's a sad "love story" .... Again, DOUBLE standards of our Americal Justice system.

    I could bring more such examples, but I am sure that you all got the point.

    Women liberty is good, but be careful not to trash other liberties why trying to achieve it ...

    1. Well, I don't know where you live but women are held accountable in Colorado. Recently, a mother whose sex offender bf murdered her daughter, was sent up for hard time with him.

  7. Hello,

    I find Mr. Yates quite despicable. OK, I understand that he may not have been able to predict Mrs. Yates drowning all of the children. However, as I recall Mrs. Yates was described as catonic around the time of the killings--it was quite forseeable that the children were not in a safe environment, were not being supervised, and could easily have been accidental victims to just as final a demise as the one that the children did suffer. (Please do not think I am minimizing the fear and trauma the children must have gone through by the hand of their mother.)
    Women have certainly been held responsible for the ommission to act when the father has beaten and or killed the children.

    I work full time as a pd, have three wonderful children and a wonderful husband. Life is not always easy in any of my venues, but it is always scary and fulfilling. Sanity (layperson definition) is sometimes hard to come by at times--never mind if I was really insame (DSM definiton). Mr. Yates should be in jail and if I were Mrs. Yates I would hope that I would be soon to leave this world so I would not have to think. Take care of people

  8. I was in the same kind of situation as Andrea a couple of years ago. My husband at the time was very withdrawn from the family he never help clean the mess that four kids would make. He would go to work some times not come home until 11 at night when he went into work at 8 in the morning.
    I had all my kids one after another all my kids where to young to go to school. I had gotten really depressed and my husband never noticed my mother had to drive 2 hours (because he moved me away from my family)just to help me clean and she noticed i was very depressed and she got me to go get some help she stayed and helped me until my meds really started working.
    So what I'm tring to say is some one else besides rusty could have put her into a mental institution. If she was a good mother she would have noticed the signs herself and told everyone i think i might harm my children but she didn't she waited for everyone to be gone she planned it out she is the only one to blame for murdering her children.

  9. I think he is being very supportive to cover his own ass!!! Kids gone,,wife insane and gone out of his way and now he has a new pretty wife. humm! I wonder.

  10. If a man killed his 5 children, he would never be considered mentally ill, no matter how mentally ill he truly was. He would just be called a monster.

    There is a double standard in society. We view women who murder their children as sick; men who murder their children are just evil.

  11. Scary to think that Andrea Yates might gain some freedom. Church visits now, what freedoms next. As long as Andrea Yates is still of child bearing age, she will continue to be a danger to any future children she might produce.
    . She needs to remain in the mental hospital until she can no longer bear chldren. As for her husband, how nice for him that he can move on with a new wife while his mentally ill ex-wife, whom he failed, rots in a mental hospital.

  12. It is scary to think that it might be a possibilty for Andrea Yates to gain freedom to attend church. Are there no church services provided in the mental hospital where she resides? Freedom to attend church services outside the mental hospital today, what other freedoms are in store for her tomorrow? Andrea Yates should remain behind locked doors to continue to receive the treatment she needs for her mental illness. She needs to remain there until she is at least past chilbearing. That is the least she should do for the horrible crime she committed. As long as she can bear more children, she might continue to be a threat to them, so I say let's not take a chance. As for her husband, how nice for him that he can move on with a new family. Maybe he will do a better job this time around, because he failed miserably with the last.

  13. Rusty Yates' mother, worried about her grandchildren, began to stay at the house to help Andrea who, though she was practically catatonic by then, still managed to carry out her devious plan. Yate's mother would arrive one hour after Rusty left for work and stay until he came home. It was within this one hour that Andrea murdered those dear little children. She ran the tub half full of cold water and forcibly drowned them in it. Not even warm water. What a monster.