Know Your Current Events

My client and I faced a particularly tough judge today.

All things considered, my client took it fairly well. Afterwards, I went to see him again in the pens before I left. I knew he'd want to vent about what a jerk the judge was, and I figured I had a minute to spare if it would make him feel better.

In the pen, my client told me, "What happened? Did that judge think my name is Moussaoui? Because he was treating me like a terrorist. He wanted to give me the death penalty!"

I'm so thankful that the jails do a good job keeping my clients up-to-date on their current events.

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  1. many of them (accused) are in fact really smart. i met some while taking a prison tour a few summers ago and was blown away. i figure committing crimes take some know how and many go years without getting caught.