Easily Amused

Did anyone else watch the Brad Pitt game?
A Sunday spent in front of the computer, writing cross-exam questions and reviewing piles of testimony, and I am so easily amused.

(FYI: Brad beat Pitt. I picked Pitt, but I'm still laughing. Brad Pitt. Ha!)


  1. The announcers of the game noticed as well and said something like, "Well, now maybe we'll be able to increase our female demographic."

  2. hee! and I'm glad to hear someone else writes out their cross, too --well, actually, I kinda still script out the whole trial in a "choose your own adventure" kind of style -- yeah, I don't have much of a life....

  3. I had that game on mute as I was watching another matchup on themain tv and I didn't even notice. That's fantastic, I wonder if he gets any kind of fee for the use of his name on national television?