The Aggie v. The Horned Frog

I've joined the Annual THFB NCAA Tournament Contest brought to you by visiting co-blogger THFB over at BTQ.

I know nothing about basketball, and I mostly just picked the team that sounded better. When in doubt, I went with the better ranked. I've done this in office pools before and it's worked out alright, so I'll go with it again.

Anyway, while on the ESPN site, I noticed in tiny writing "Don't forget your Women's bracket!"

And then, just like that, I decided to start the First Annual Blawgers Women's Bracket Contest. How fun is that? And if you've already signed up for an ESPN username for the men's tournament, it's super easy to fill in your women's bracket.

Here is the shortcut to the group, which is creatively named Blawgers Women's Bracket (but is, of course, open to anyone and everyone), and the password is very creatively set to "password." If you're having trouble with the link, let me know and I can email you an invite. I've also taken the liberty of inviting everyone who is already signed up for Blawgers Fantasy Baseball.

For the winner, a chance at the all time glory of knowing you've won the First Annual Blawgers Women's Bracket. For the losers, just comfort yourself with the knowledge that there's always next year.

If you're curious about the Women's tournament and thinking, "Women's tourament? Really? Where I can find more information on such a thing?" I'll give you a hint, it usually involves going to the men's page and then reading the fine print at the bottom of the page which will say in tiny letters "women's tournament info." Here's Yahoo's NCAAW page.

Finally, may I suggest, that if you're unsure who to choose between two teams, that you consider their mascot? For example, Texas A&M versus TCU. You've got to think to yourself, "If an Aggie went to battle against a Horned Frog, who would win?" Well, I guess the first question you need to be able to answer is, "What is an Aggie?" and then, of course, "What is a Horned Frog?" I'm not sure, but I assume Aggie comes from Agricultural something-or-other, so I picture a farmer woman. And then a horned frog... well, if any kind of horned frog was taking over the crops, I'd assume that the farmer woman could handle it, right? A little research reveals that "No poison exists in the mouth of this frog, and it has probably earned this bad reputation by its extreme aggressiveness and its willingness to attack an animal many times its own size and bulk." So, maybe the horned frog could take out all of the farm animals, that would definitely be a problem for the Aggie. Ultimately, though, I feel like a farmer woman well trained in agriculture would find a remedy such as introducing the horned frogs' natural predators to the mix. But don't worry, you definitely don't have to put this much thought into it...


  1. I'm in. I just picked based on geography and what teams I like in men's b-ball. There will be shock and amazement if I managed to do a good job on these brackets.

  2. That's money. I am so down with that and I will be entering and trying to bring little old Nolo some glory.