Pitchers and Catchers Report

We have reached the maximum of 12 teams I set for the Blawger Fantasy Baseball League. Therefore, I don't see why we should wait much longer to run the draft. Once a few final details are ironed out...

First, the defense issue: I want the league to reflect defense and fielding skills. So, despite the votes to "stick with 5x5," I am going to keep fielding percentage as the 6th batting category.

Second, innings pitched: The 6th pitching category is number of innings pitched. I think it's important in a head-to-head league to get points for having your pitchers in the game. As I stated earlier, I also made the minimum innings pitched 14. I wasn't sure, but since no one really commented on that to say that 14 was either too high or too low, I'm sticking with 14.

DL : The Yahoo default was only DL one spot. I thought one was too few, but I think five is too many. I agree that some of the strategy is knowing when to dump an injured player - being forced to question whether they'll make a comeback, and how long it will take. So, I set it at two DL spots. That allows you to hold on to one injured player for a while if you need to, and you can always use your bench short-term for injured players too.

Trades: No limits on trades. If I remember last year right, I don't think there were many trades, and I always wish there would be more trading. (I think it keeps things interesting.) So, no trade limits. The trade deadline is August 13 (doesn't that feel so far away?). That's two weeks after the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. I set it later (1) to encourage continued trading and (2) to allow you to incorporate real MLB trades into the fantasy league. Finally, trades will be reviewed by the league:

About trades: Accepted trades can be overturned by a vote of at least 1/3 of the members of your league. All league member votes, including the one cast by the commissioner, count equally. Even if no protests are made, the trade will not be processed until the time allotted to protest pending trades in your league has elapsed.

Finally, the draft has to be auto. I'm just too busy for a live draft. If you're looking for a live draft, check out Law v. Life's baseball league, which will have a life draft.

Alright, now that we've worked out all the details: Let the draft begin! Here is your notice: THE AUTO-DRAFT WILL BE HELD ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH. I will set the draft to ready on Monday, February 27th at noon (assuming I'm not stuck in court). Let's say noon at the earliest, 5 p.m. at the latest. That gives you about 12 days notice, including 2 weekends. So, if you're in doubt about Monday, just have your settings ready by Sunday night, or don't come crying to me. Got it? Good.

Play Ball!


  1. I'm looking forward to not being in last place!

  2. And thank you for the big lead-time in setting up the autodraft!