Meet Bijou!

Meet Bijou, my new puppy. (She's over there, on your right.)

That's right, she's pink and I adopted her.

Try giving her a treat.

See? Wasn't that fun?

(Bijou is dedicated to all of us who work too much or whose lives are just too... insane... to adopt a real dog in good conscience.)


  1. Bijou is making my real dog bark. I know I could just stop clicking, but it's fun to watch my dog goes crazy as she looks around for this strange dog barking in our apartment. Does that make me mean?

  2. Very cute, but is she actually supposed to take the treat? I keep trying to feed her, and the treat just keeps floating around. I'm feeling strangely frustrated...

  3. Click again to let go of the treat (within her little box) and she'll jump to get it.