Jurors' Clemency Letters Forged?

This story has taken an interesting twist.

Michael Morales is scheduled to be executed later this month. His clemency attorneys, which includes Kenneth Starr, have submitted letters on his behalf, purportedly from trial jurors who now support clemency.

The jurors now say the letters are forgeries, and, in fact, in two cases the jurors' names are misspelled.

Two of the jurors said their names were misspelled on the purported declarations. One said she appeared on a radio program Thursday, opposite one of Morales' lawyers, and reaffirmed her support of the death sentence -- only to learn later that she was one of the jurors identified by the defense as backing clemency.

All five jurors said they still favor executing Morales.

"I am extremely upset and outraged by the forged declaration submitted on Morales' behalf bearing my name,'' said one juror, whose name, like the others, was blacked out in the statement released to the public.

In addition to the two jurors who said their names were misspelled, another juror whose defense declaration referred to reading a recent article in a Ventura newspaper about the case said it was obviously untrue, because the juror had moved out of California in 1985 and hadn't read the Ventura paper since then.

Similar letters were also submitted to Gov. Schwarzenegger's office.

It will be interesting to see where this investigation leads.


  1. I don't buy it. The Defense lawyers and Kenneth Starr have to be smarter than that. They would have to know that the DA would look into the letters.

  2. All evidence points to an investigator who all the People's affidavits name. I don't know the woman or all the facts, but my guess is she is in deep voodoo.