Hung Jury

Alaskablawg's teen blogger case ends in a hung jury.

Jurors vote 10-2 for teenager's acquittal because arguments left 'reasonable doubt'

Great job! A mistrial is ALWAYS better than a conviction.


  1. Do we know yet if the prosecutor's gonna bring the case again?

  2. Wow.

    Well, mistrials are messy. Many say it puts the prosecutor at a disadvantage. But the Menendez brothers still got convicted...

  3. No word yet, the judge is still going to entertain the defense motion to dismiss which wasn't ruled on after the prosecution's case. In fact, the judge even asked for briefs on it.

    That makes me think there's still a good shot at a dismissal even.

    (More info over at alaskablawg. I also found this trial so fascinating that I registered for some Juneau newspaper that was reporting on it.)

  4. I agree. A hung jury is ALWAYS better than one that's still breathing :-P