How Low Can You Go?

My five year old nephew got a game called Chicken Limbo for Christmas. "THIS IS ALL I WANTED!!!" he shrieked. (Gee, thanks, kid. Then give back those socks I gave you.)

I was forced to put it together "NOW!" Assembling Chicken Limbo wasn't too tough, and it really didn't require any tools except a screw driver to open the battery compartment. It comes with a chicken (which needs batteries in order to play music and make jokes at your expense), limbo poles (which are the chicken legs), the poles that hold up the limbo-pole-legs, and the bases for the poles.

Once it was set up, everyone, and I mean everyone, including grandpa, had to take a turn crawling underneath the chicken. (Proving that it's easier to limbo than to listen to "Wanna play chicken limbo? Wanna play chicken limbo? Wanna play chicken limbo? Wanna play chicken limbo?" even from the cutest little voice.)

I've added a photo of the game set-up for your amusement. Notice how, even at it's highest, this thing isn't much taller than the little girl? Now try to picture my mother, father, aunts and uncles limboing beneath it. And if you hit the chicken, it makes fun of you!

As we played with it, even the slightest tap (which is really inevitable when senior citizens play chicken limbo, isn't it?) would cause the entire contraption to fall apart. Again and again, we were forced to stop the game and put the whole thing back together. I told my little nephew that maybe when he got it home his father could do something to make it stay together better.

(I was thinking duck tape, but I didn't try it because I wanted him to be able to get it back in the box to take it home. But I thought his father, who is a little handy, should be able to rig something up.)

I took a lot of ribbing that night. "Who put this together?" "Blondie?" "Oh, obviously Blondie's not ready for kids! She couldn't put together one Christmas toy!" "She's going to get us all killed, that chicken almost hit me!"

"That's exactly how it's supposed to be. The thing is a piece of crap!" I repeated all night in my own defense. "You look at the directions!"

Finally, two months later, Yahoo! reports Milton Bradley Recalls Chicken Limbo Game.

According to the article:
Milton Bradley is recalling about 461,000 Chicken Limbo Electronic Party Games after reports of the product collapsing unexpectedly, causing bumps, bruises, cuts and one fractured foot, U.S. consumer safety officials said on Thursday.

Milton Bradley, which is owned by Hasbro Inc., has received 46 reports of the game unexpectedly coming apart and 23 reports of injuries, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said.

The Chicken Limbo plastic electronic game has two side poles that do not fit into their bases properly, and the game can completely fall apart if touched, hitting children playing the game and bystanders, the agency said.

Naturally, I emailed the article to every family member with an email address (unfortunately, not as many of them have email as I would like).

For my email, I used the subject line "Chicken Little Recall." Most importantly, I proved my maturity because I managed to restrain myself from using the subject line that I really wanted to use: "TOLD YOU SO!"


  1. Is the promised "free repair kit" from Hasbro a roll of duct tape, one has to wonder?

  2. If you managed to fracture your foor playing Chicken Limbo you should be forced to wear a helmet everywhere you go.