gmail chat?

Does anyone else have this gmail chat?

(I like using the word "this" for things unfamiliar. I got it from my mother. I like it when she uses "this internet." As in, "I heard you can use this internet to buy airline tickets, but I can't figure out how." I always want to say, "That internet? Wait, which internet are you using?")

Anyway, about this gmail chat... I currently have two gmail accounts: a blondejustice account, and a less anonymous account.

Interestingly, only the blondejustice account has chat activated, for some reason.

Anyway, if you see me on there, feel free to send me a message. I want to see how this works.


  1. I have it on my un-anonymous account but not yet on my blog one, which is sort of disappointing, because that's the one I'd chat with more often. It seems like a really good idea or a really bad idea (like if it just ate up all my time).

  2. I am so behind the technological times. Didn't even know you could chat on gmail! I just got my first AIM account, woohoo.

  3. I have my account, and then there's my husband's account. He has chat. I don't. I think it's a big ole conspiracy.

    I think gmail chat can possibly rule. However, I share e. mcpan's fear - that it could eat up all my time. And that's bad since I have this AIM habit going on all the time already.

  4. I have it on my account. I'll be looking for you!

  5. I do too. It just rolled out on my account, so I'll give it a try.