Blawger Baseball Update

Gideon and I have been having a bit of a back-and-forth about the blawgers baseball league. And, most likely, we're the only 2 that care, since no one else really had anything to say about head-to-head v. rotisserie, nevermind scoring categories.

In defense of head-to-head: (1) We did roto last year, it was fun, but I thought it'd be fun to try something different. Not that I haven't done head-to-head before, but it's something different in terms of blawger league, and (2) I thought it might encourage players to read their rival's blawg and the smack talking and interaction that I think adds to the fun of fantasy baseball.

Scoring Categories: I started out with the basic 5x5, but felt that I wanted a category relating to defense. I added errors as a category. Gideon and I discussed it, and I've deleted the errors category and added fielding percentage, thereby giving some credit for defense, but making it a little more scientific than errors. To balance the 6 batter categories, I had added innings pitched, which I feel is important for balancing those relief pitchers and closers who pitch one perfect inning with those starters who pitch a few strong innings.

Gideon points out: "One thing I've heard about having IP as a stat: In an H2H league, there should be a mininum number of IPs per week, otherwise people will load up on RP and CL to better their ERA and WHIP." I had left the minimum innings at the default of 7, but on Gideon's suggestions, I've upped it to 14. (Remember, innings pitch is also a scoring category.)

So the comments are open. I've already decided that I'm sticking with head-to-head, for this year at least. But if you have a feeling about minimum innings pitched per week (should it be higher? or lower? I'm open), or about the defense categories, let me know.

So, if you care, give me your comments (about these topics or any other blawger baseball concerns you have) and vote. If you don't care, or have no idea what I'm talking about, that's ok, you can still participate in the league and have fun.

If you haven't signed up yet, email me so I can send you the league info. I think yahoo has gotten a little better each year, but it still boggles my mind that the commissioner doesn't have the option of "invite everyone who was in my league last year." Wouldn't that be simple to set up and easiest for everyone? Point is, email me if you want in. There's still (a little) time.

As for the draft, I was going to wait a bit longer to give the league more time to fill up. (And to give me more time to think about who I want to draft.) I promise to give you at least a 48 hour warning via email and this blog before I set the autodraft to ready.


  1. Roster positions are also a topic of discussion. We need to figure out what the rosters will look like - since H2H is different that Roto.

    In my other league, the positions are:
    C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util (pretty standard)


    SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P with the rest being bench and 5 DL spots, I think.

    The greater DL spots are important, so people don't have to bench players that are on the 60-day, but don't have to release them either.

  2. Dude, don't lawyer it up. Just play the game. Every league is different, that's why you can join more than one.

    Besides, 5 DL spots? Come on! That takes all the strategy out of it!

  3. I would also like to point out that I've played fantasy baseball for years, and you usually use a standard 25 man roster, not 16. You don't have five DL spots. The point is to make people make difficult choices as to who to have on their roster, especially when you include position game limits.

  4. Alright, no fighting!

    Give your input and then I guess ultimately I'll decide. Because I'm the commish, and that means I get to decide. ;)

  5. Sorry Gideon ((I think I misunderstood your post--you may have been talking about the starting lineup?)and Commish. I'm just talkin' smack early on. (I'm actually starting a fantasy draft for one of my other leagues right now).

    Gideon--who would you pick as a third choice at closer behind Mariano Rivera and Eric Gagne?

  6. I'm not sure where I said 16 spots.

  7. Gideon, I counted up the positions, and missed the rest being bench spots that you listed in your original comment. How many do you usually use for the roster? And does your league count the DL spots as part of this total?

  8. No problem!

    Third for closer is tough... F-Rod? Nathan? Lidge?

    I'd actually be skeptical about Gagne, what with him coming off injury and the depleted relief corps in LA.

    25 man roster, always. I don't think the 5 DL is part of the 25 man roster. I don't know for sure, I'm not the commish. Oh, I was talking about the starting lineup.

  9. I have no idea what is going on here.

  10. Only 48 hours before notification of draft? Oh, please can you give us more of a heads-up? Or give a ballpark (har) idea of when we might draft?

  11. I haven't developed an opinion yet on categories, b/c I've never been in a league that does defense, but it's an interesting proposition, especially when considering what to counter with in the pitching category. Plus I've only done one head to head before, so that has to be considered. I'll get back on that.

    I think 5 DL spots may be a bit much, though my main league last year only had 1, and that was far too few. Maybe 3? Strategy obviously comes into play on both counts of having a lot of space and having only a little space.

    What about transactions and trades? In terms of, would there be a limit?

    I'm so impressed that there is thought and debate going into this league! I can't wait to win!

  12. Alright, since I have no idea when the draft will be (I really would like to get at least 2 more teams if possible), I'll give a few extra days notice. Stay tuned.

  13. My trial needs to be finished so I can concentrate on this! I am NOT coming in second to last this year. NOT.

  14. I have only done roto, but I would love to be in your league. It feels so early to be thinking about this...

  15. My advice? Go 10x10. Sooo much time but so much fun. Then you'll spend your time at work wondering whether or not you should dump a mediocre closer for an above-average setup man in order to get an edge on statistics like holds, K/BB, etc. in your H2H matchup.

    I did a 6x6 and a 11x11 league last year and by the All-Star break, I was pretty much ignoring the 6x6 since it felt so "small" in comparison.

  16. I do 6x6 with the guys I graduated with last spring. 5x5 is a great set-up.

    BTW, I would be in favor of H2H rather than roto. If we do roto, make sure we have a reset on the stats at midseason or something. It will keep the people down at the bottom of the league interested longer.

    Finally, I would minimize the DL spots (3 max). As one poster said, there should be some thought going into utilizing those spots. They shouldn't be around just to stash a bunch of hurt players.

    Looking forward to the draft!

  17. Just because I've been quiet so far on this doesn't mean that I'm not going to take this seriously. After all, I plan to take my law degree and then get a job in a baseball front office. Using fielding pct. is fine, but I think if you start looking at 20 categories that's bordering on ridiculous. One thought on positions - just leave the pitcher slots open, so that each team can decide whether to weigh their staff toward relievers or starters. I've been in leagues like this, and some teams opt not to carry any closers at all, sacrificing saves in order to try and win the wins and strikeouts category each week.

  18. Alex - which is precisely why we need set slots for SP and RP AND a min. IP per week. It's odd, because I never saw that problem occur in roto leagues.

  19. We're having an auto-draft?? What fun is that? I love the tension of the live draft, especially since every year my computer freezes in the middle. This totally changes strategy. Actually I really need to give this whole H2H thing some thought too. I love spring.