About The Blog

I've been meaning to write an "About The Blog" statement for a while. So, here it is. (I'll eventually add a permanent link to the sidebar.)

Just some general things you might want to know about this blog. Or that I want you to know:

First and foremost, it's anonymous. This was very deliberate. Although I never expose anything of a confidential or a privileged nature, I feel that I must keep the blog anonymous if I want to discuss work at all. And, further, I'm a private kind of person. If the blog wasn't anonymous, I wouldn't have much to say. In fact, I'd almost definitely just take it down. Part of the anonymity is geographical anonymity. I think if you even knew what city I worked in, it might not be hard to figure out who is the blonde public defender in pink suits. Therefore, even if you think you know, I ask you to help me preserve my anonymity. Thank you.

Second, is it true or truthy? Let's go with mostly true. I can assure you I'm not pulling a Frey, but when I feel it is necessary, I will occasionally change identifying details to protect anonymity.

Third, what is the link policy? Eh, it's pretty subjective, but there are two hard and fast rules: (1) If you haven't posted in one month, your link is coming down, and (2) If your blog hasn't been up and running for a month yet, no link yet. This is simply to prevent dead links, and acknowledging that many people start a blog, keep it going for a few days, and then give up.

I'm considering a third rule to eliminate all blogs with pop-up ads. Because pop-up ads annoy me. There's also one particular blog that I love but seems to make my computer crash a lot - I may end up deleting that too.

As for reciprocal linking? Generally, if I notice that someone has linked to me, I bookmark it and try to make a point of reading it for a few weeks so I get an idea of what the blog is about. (Generally, I'm trying to ascertain whether I think your blog will be interesting for me and my readers, since I generally read all of the blogs on my blogroll pretty regularly.) Every few weeks, but sometimes less frequently, I go to blogrolling to delete the links that haven't been updated in over a month and add some of the ones that I've been following for the past few weeks. If you're dying to be linked and feel like you've been overlooked, just send me an email.

Finally, what's up with the spelling? I am, by nature, a bad speller. Blogger's spellcheck sucks. (It doesn't even recognize the word "blog!" How could that be?) Therefore, spelling errors are a fact of life around here. As far as the word "Blonde," no, I did not spell it wrong:
The words blond and blonde come from the French and follow somewhat the French pattern. Blond (without the e) is used to describe males, mixed gender, or uncertain gender. Blonde refers to women or female gender. In modern use, blond is sometimes used for female as well as male, but blonde is preferred for female.
And blawg? No, not a misspelling of "blog," but a variation on it:

Blawg, n, a weblog with emphasis on the law or legal related issues and concerns, often maintained by an individual who studies, practices or otherwise works in the legal field.
Get it? Like b-law-g? Aren't those law blog types creative?


  1. I recently learned there is a masculine variant of brunette! It's "brunet," (same pronunciation) which is kind of obvious, now that I've seen the word... And have there really been people who have challenged your spelling of "blonde"?! Weirdness. A lot of people seem to think "blonde" is the default (or only) spelling. I always giggle a little when I see someone refer to a man as being "blonde." (Because I am a language snob.) Same goes for male "fiancées." A man is a "fiancé." :) As long as I'm being rambly and pedantic, a little bit of trivia: the hair color is "blond." A woman with blond hair is "blonde." A man with blond hair is "blond." The reason for this is that in French, hair is a masculine noun, so you use the masculine form of the adjective. However, English being the fluid and unruly language that it is, even I would not say you were wrong if you were to describe a woman as having "blonde hair." I will, however, quietly giggle if you say that a man does. :)

  2. Consider yourself linked, fellow PD, and see this post

  3. Hi Justice, is this a blog like "Libertarian Girl", the one in which a man used a fake girl identity to attract more viewers?

  4. Well, sipmac, the blawg would be named Blond Justice then, wouldn't it? ;)

  5. Touche to your reply to sipmac. One of the many things that iritate me about blog posters, is that they many times lack reading comprehension skills! Oh well...

    Just stumbled on your blog - kudo's for it.

    A former PD. . .

  6. Love your blog! Hey, could you pls weigh in on the Duke Lax Rape Case and the prosecutorial misconduct by Mike Nifong? What should be done? I think the players are innocent myself. Would like to hear your opinion.

  7. Couldn't find an e-mail address on your blog, so am posting to your comments. Apologies for this method.

    Given that your blog has a public defender theme, I wanted to call your attention to a story from the Cape Cod Times today about public defenders:


    In doing so, I wondered if I could call your attention to stories from our newspapers from time to time that might make good blog material for you? We're hoping that by alerting bloggers to stories relevant to the blog theme, we can be helpful to you in generating content ideas, while also giving us another avenue by which to build our local audiences.

    If you agree this could mutually beneficial, what is your preferred method of notification?

    Sean Polay
    Director of Internet Audience Development
    Ottaway: The Local Media Group of Dow Jones

  8. Nifong is an angel compared to many prosecutors who engage in felony conduct while prosecuting felonies. See below brief. -- scott huminski


  9. Apropos of your comments on reciprocal linking, and just for your information, I've put a link to your blog on mine. (http://Gamso-FortheDefense.blogspot.com)

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  11. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

  12. Regardless of any judicial misconduct that might have occurred, Roman Polanski didn't even know what the maximum sentence was for the crime to which he pleaded guilty. That means the plea shouldn't have been accepted, and could now be withdrawn.



  13. I never even knew that the term blawg has some definitions.:-) I thought it was just some misspelled word I found online while reading some blogs. Thanks for this information. Really, blogs related to laws are amazing and really very unique.:-)