Why Ashlee Had To Lip Sync

Um... she had something stuck in her throat?

(That was too easy!)

Yes, that's right, Ashlee's got herself a leaked sex tape.

Absolutely, positively NOT work safe. Unless nudie havin-sex photos of Ashlee are safe at your work. I don't know, maybe you work in the porn industry.

This should finally satisfy all of the readers who find this blog by searching for "Ashlee Simpson's boobs."

Blonde Justice News - You Hear It First. (Assuming, of course you don't read WWFD. Maybe I should say, "You hear it second, about a day later than WWFD-readers.")

(And yes, I too have my questions about whether that's really Ashlee or just some look-alike. I guess we'll have to wait and see.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: IT IS AN ASHLEE SIMPSON LOOK-ALIKE. So, not the real Ashlee. But, if you've got that big of an Ashlee thing (no pun intended), it might be something worth seeing.


  1. Be very cautious in going to sites like this. There are exploits in Microsoft Windows that may allow the bad guys to take over your machine just by viewing an image or downloading a font.

  2. I didn't view the photos you posted because I'm at work, but I've seen them. I don't think it's Ashlee, because the tape was supposed to have been made before she was famous. She was a blonde before she was famous.

  3. WAIT! I just looked at the website more closely, and it does say she's an Ashlee Simpson look-alike.

    Now, either they just added that or, I feel a little dirty admitting this, I was only looking at the pictures not the text the first time around.


  4. I work at the ACLU; I think it's ok to look at these pictures there. Last week we searched online for naked pictures of Debbie Gidson. Sorry, Deborah.