"Spicy" Blogger Leaves Attorney's Office

I hope there's this much press coverage on the day I leave the Public Defender's office.

Not that I'm planning to leave any time soon. Let's not start any false rumors. But Yahoo! front page news? Sheesh.

And I hope someone calls me "spicy."


  1. I don't know about "Spicy," especially with that picture. More like "wholesome," or maybe as far as "delicious."

    I just hope that when the mask comes off, you don't turn out to be a dude.

    That would be so disappointing.

  2. Second only in overhype to the unmasking of Anonymous Lawyer. Who cares? I mean, I guess it's interesting, but I don't get the continued interest.

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  4. Yeah, the dude's getting his fair share of attention. Let's hope he's got a book deal in place or the like--seems that he may have burnt a few bridges in the legal world with his blogging. I'm looking forward to seeing what the hype was all about, since I missed his blog the first time around.

  5. Someone unmasked the Anonymous Lawyer???

    When did that happen?

  6. I seriously hope you're kidding...or you've been visiting Mars for the past few months. It was RIDICULOUSLY overhyped...if you google it I'm sure you'll find ten jillion articles.

  7. I was not in mars...

    But I definately missed that one.