Meme of 4s

Energy Spatula tagged me with this meme of 4s. So, here goes...

Four Jobs You've Had
I'll give you four jobs I had in high school alone...
I worked about a month as a hostess in a restaurant.
I worked summers in a summer camp for special ed kids.
I worked about a year in a consignment and vintage clothing store.
I babysat for really cool kids. And total brats too. But not at the same time.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
Legally Blonde
Dude, Where's My Car

Four Places You've Lived
A college dorm
A sorority suite
My parents' house
A really bad neighborhood

Four TV Shows You Like to Watch
Best Week Ever

Four Places You've Been on Vacation
You know, no one really knows where the Simpsons live. Yes, Springfield, but in what state? I've always thought I'd figure it out by where they go on vacation. A family isn't going to say "Yippee! We're going to ____!" and name the state where they live. By process of elimination then, someday we should know where they live. Therefore, I had to geographically anonymized this section. Sorry.
On a sailboat
On a cruise ship
Tropical Islands
Central America

Four Websites You Visit Daily
Google News

Four of My Favorite Foods
Ben & Jerry's
Macaroni & Cheese
Chocolate Chip Cookies
(And E. Spat thought her list was unhealthy!)

Four Places I'd Rather Be
(Not my photos, just some beautiful scenery.)

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
1964/1993 (I can use that even though it's a box set, can't I?)
Ani DiFranco
James Taylor: Greatest Hits

Four People to Tag With the Lists
I've lost track of who has done it already and who hasn't, so I'll leave this open for volunteers. But four of you better do it!


  1. The Simpsons live in Kentucky...

  2. The Simpsons live in Oregon, based on Eugene (whose neighboring, not as nice town is Springfield--like the Shelbyville/Springfield rivalry). If you are in Eugene, you can go to Skinner's Butter (Skinner!); see the statute of Jebediah Springfield (on the U of O campus); Flanders is a Street (and I believe an important person in Eugene's history); see Moe's bar (it's called Max's); see a town that is surrounded by green hills (one of which you can drive to the top of and park, like in the episode where Lisa and Bart look into the future). Also, Matt Groening, I believe, either lived in Eugene, or went to the U of O for some or all of his college years.

  3. Watch the pseudo "vh1 behind the music" Simpson's episode. They are mentioned as being a family from Kentucky.

    Though Sara is right about the Eugene references.

  4. I can't believe I haven't seen that episode! I swore I had seen every one until you mentioned it. Now I will have to seek it out!