Amorous in the Courtroom

The courtroom can be a really romantic place.

You know... The overhead flourescent lights, the drone of the judge.

That's why, if my man ever got arrested, I would definitely go to court with him. And make out with him and let him feel me up right there in the audience.

Yeah, that's hot.

Geez, what are these girls thinking?

But that's nothing compared to the girls sitting with their men, practically getting it on, in the domestic violence part. Black eye and all.

Aaah, the ever classy black-eye-and-hickey combination.

I guess if you're going to violate the restraining order, might as well have some fun doing it. If you know what I mean.

Oh, yuck.


  1. Right!! At least it is winter so you don't have to peep the tube tops and the guy's name tatooed across the cleavage.

  2. Hold on a sec!

    (switching to Barry White voice)

    Let me dim the lights in the room...yeah...thats right.

    Much better.

    Now where were we?

  3. Ha! So funny since I'm going to DV court this morning.

  4. The worst is when there's a bench trial scheduled and the accuser sits in the audience while her name is called, the charge is then dismissed, and she then walks out with the creep. It's a crazy, vicious cycle that these women are in.

  5. The county jail in one of my former counties of residence had phones in each cell. The particular morning that I was taking a "tour", shall we say, of the facilities one of the women upstairs was actually married to one of the men downstairs. They had restraining orders out on each other and were not allowed any sort of contact. But I guess being in jail reignited their love because she would call her sister “on the outside” who would then create a 3-way-call to the husband downstairs and the two could talk and break the law whilst in jail. It was a romantic if not frightening irony.

  6. Nice.

    I recently had a client pick up a girl (fellow inmate) in county lock-up. Now that guy gots skillz!

  7. The first few sentances of this post made me think you were going to link to this story from AI about how the D.C. bar doesn't want to amend the ethics rules to prohibit sex with clients.

  8. About 15 years ago, before DV no contact bail orders were the norm, I represented a client who shot his wife (accidentally??) through the neck. She survived quite nicely and sat with him, hand in hand, AT COUNSEL TABLE while I argued pretrial motions. I have to admit that I put her there, with the cooperation of the bailiffs, so that all concerned would see how wonderfully they had reconciled. I did not think that they would be holding hands.

  9. I so want to work where you work. I have to stay up late into the night watching Cinemax to get that kind of entertainment.

  10. Not even kidding - yesterday in court, my client went outside for a second. They were about to call our case so I went out to get him. He was getting a girl's phone number. As I was summoning him inside she was repeating his number and putting it into her phone. crazy.

  11. Oh, and I have had guys (defendants) try to pick me up in DV court!! Uh, yeah, that's where I like to troll for dates.