Will Blog For Books

When I saw this book review at Public Defender Dude, my first thought was, "Why doesn't anyone ever send me books to review?" Actually, that was my second thought, after, "Hey, this book looks interesting, I'll have to get it."

But, no, seriously, why doesn't anyone send me books?

Then I thought that maybe it's because I never write about books here. But, that's because I worry that someone will read it and say, "Hey, I know a lawyer who has been reading that in court for the past week or two... hey, come to think of it, she's blonde... and she wears pink everyday... whoa. Coincedence? I think not."

Yes, I'm quite paranoid about the anonymity thing.

That, and it would probably take a lot before I'd give some random "author" my real name and mailing address.

So, nevermind, I guess I'm not getting any books to review any time soon. But I will find Death Row Defender and let you know what I think.


  1. You'd have to check it out more than I have, but a solution may exist: Amazon Wishlist.

    Set up an Amazon account that's separate from your real identity and take care not to link them by, say, making either a friend of the other.

    Then, people can buy stuff for you off your wishlist without needing your information. For Example

  2. Ah yes, this comment finally found it's way into the right post. I was confused for a second there.

    And I LOVE the pink prada purse!