True Life Law & Order

Let's talk about the first three minutes of this past week's Law & Order. You know, the first scene, which usually ends with a "witty" one-liner and leads into the theme song.

Ok, so this past week, the scene starts with pages and papers flying around the street. An older woman is clutching some of the pages, and she approaches a police officer, who is writing a parking ticket.

Immediately, the police officer says to her, "It's too late, lady, I already started writing the ticket."

After she tries to explain, he realizes that the pages she's holding have blood on them.

He finds the dead body, Detectives Fontana and Green show up. They talk to the woman briefly about what she saw, and tell her that they'll get a car to take her home.

Stop! What's wrong with this scene?

Yes, they would've gotten a car for the woman. A police car. To the station. Where she would have been charged for bribery. For approaching an officer who was writing a ticket, while holding papers out to him.

The fact that it wasn't her car, or that she wasn't trying to get him to stop writing the ticket don't really matter. That can all be sorted out after she spends a night in central booking.

And some brand new D.A., who took the job thinking she'll get some trial experience and make a difference in the world, makes a bail application about how this old woman obstructed justice AND bribed a police officer. That she's a flight risk because she has a winter home in Florida. Maybe, with the wrong judge on the bench, her kid will have to come post bail for her.

Don't believe me? Come follow me in arraignments one day.


  1. Wow, Blonde. Your cynicism is reaching the level of crazy-scary-really-really-really-need-a-two-week-vacation.

    And just in time for the holidays.

  2. Yeah... it's true. I think you see enough of this stuff, it starts to really effect your outlook. But it's true, it's out there, it's just sad.