Queer Eye, Take Two

I guess there isn't anything left in this world that can't be commercialized somehow...

With Damon expected to shave his beard before the press conference later this week, Philips Norelco has extended an offer to the newest Yankee.

The company has offered a $15,000 donation to the charity of Damon's choice if he does the deed with an electric shave courtesy of Philips Norelco.

(From MLB News)


  1. Baseball sold out a long time ago...

    Remember Joe Dimaggio Selling Mr. Coffee?

    Actually, I don't remember it either... I saw a tv special about it once though.

  2. Even Damon has done this before...I forget the amount, but in May '04 he shaved his beard with a Gilette for charity.

  3. But Gillette's a Boston company! This is just salt in the wound.