In Justice?

Has anyone seen commericals for In Justice, a midseason replacement on ABC?

The show follows "the team from the National Justice Project" - a team that sounds quite a bit like the Innocence Project.

Heck, I like the Innocence Project. I did some Innocence Project work in law school. So, this sounds worth a try...

These modern-day heroes are not naïve crusaders. They're led by David Swain (Kyle MacLachlan, Twin Peaks, Sex and the City,), an attorney of questionable ethics but unquestionable talent, and by his chief investigator, Charles Conti (Jason O'Mara, The Agency), a former cop who's willing to put up with Swain's idiosyncrasies in order to make sure that justice is done.
So, the only thing I question is why the leader has to be "of questionable ethics?" I guess because all defense attorneys are, right?

Grrr... But you know I'll give it a chance. And probably even write a review of the first episode.

I've already set my Tivo-brand digital recording device.

*Update: Indefensible has apparently already seen the first few episodes of In Justice and has written about it here and here and in the New York Times too!


  1. Of course all defense attorneys are "of questionable ethics." I mean, just look at Denny Krane on Boston Legal.

    On the other hand, Law and Order tells us that prosecutors are always ethical, and their noble goal is justice.

  2. Hopefully this show has a good legal consultant. What annoys me more than anything else is when the shows aren't true-to-life. I couldn't stand "The Practice" for that very reason. Looking forward to your take on the first episode!

  3. EH oh come on, L and O shows where they slide the ethics, they just couch it in the "WE HAD TO GET BAD GUY"

    Then again, I do think that many defense attorneys get the "questionable ethics" card thrown at them by hardball prosecutors who are bitter. (heh heh) so in a way that is true to life.

    But I'm excited about the show.

  4. When is this show on? Due to having no life or husband because of a poor defense attorney, i would be curious to see how the system put other innocent people away for many years in the name of justice.

  5. The overtly Jewish Liev Shriber helps Black defendants get out of jail.

    Doesn't ABC know which way this country is headed? Good thing they have "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives"

  6. Haven't heard of it, but sounds interesting...

    Now I have a bone with "all defense attorneys have questionable ethics" especially if that defense attorney used to be the D.A. --

    Now if you would like to hear about a real justice project... come check out my journal..

    My husband has been charged with a crime he didn't commit... Why I'm Fond of RB tells the tale.

    Kind Regards,