The Guards On The Bus Go...

Look at me! I'm up on current events!

A fan, who has been my tipster for a couple of posts now (and who wants to be a Public Defender when he grows up - that is, graduates from law school - because he thinks I'm super cool), pointed me toward this story.

It seems that this woman, Deborah Davis, was arrested in Colorado for failure to show proper identification when riding a bus.

This leads me to wonder... what is the proper identification required for riding a bus? A passport? Driver's license and birth certificate? Proof of citizenship? A letter from your mom?

The case has now been dropped, but a rally is still planned for tomorrow (Friday). People are also encouraged to ride the buses without identification tomorrow (and anytime thereafter, of course).

Not within commuting distance to Colorado? Letters to the editors of the local newspapers are also appreciated, as are donations to the ACLU.

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