Chronic- What? -Cles of Narnia!

Slate says:

If you haven't seen Saturday Night Live's Chronicles of Narnia rap, then you don't have any friends.
I just finally saw it last night, after it sat on my Tivo for over a week. But since I don't want any of my blog friends to feel friendless (or, to just be more of a loser than me), you've got to check this out.

(Also available on NBC, but I thought the first link was faster.)

There are so many parts to choose from, but I think "It's all about the Hamiltons, baby!" may just be my new all-time favorite SNL line.

*Oh, and by the way: What is Red Vines?


  1. My husband said that it was downloaded from just one site, youtube, 1.2 million times by December 27. Which is just 10 days after that SNL. And that's just one site!

    I got the video off iTunes on Christmas day, so I can watch it whenever. Yay.

  2. Audacity is almost right. Red Vines are to licorice what Heinz is to ketchup: the one and true licorice, against which all others are mere pretenders.

  3. It's funny. I thought it was some kind of liquor, I guess because of the shape of the bottle and maybe because of common rap themes.

    And then it's licorice!?! I guess that fits in with the joke behind this skit. You think it's going to be something illicit (like Chronic) and then it's something so G-rated (like the Chronicles of Narnia)!

  4. disagreed. twizzlers are Heinz ... red vines are ... a watered down with too much food coloring STORE BRAND of licorice.

  5. Twizzlers?!?! Are you on crack?

    Twizzlers is the worst "licorice" ever. Fucking disgusting, like eating plastic.

    Viva la Red Vines!!!

  6. My Favorite line was:
    "You can call us Aron Burr by the way we're dropping Hamiltons."