Absolute MUST READ

If I could pick only one blog post in the whole world that I wish everyone, and I mean everyone (especially potential clients, and friends of friends that call me to ask me about their case) would read, it's this one:

Not Guilty: And then I said

Please. Go read it now.

And don't ever whine to me again, "But they didn't read me my rights!" or "But the cop told me that if I just told him where I got the gun, the case would be dismissed!"


  1. I'm a 2L in the midwest studying for my crim pro exam tomorrow morning. I followed your link to the Not Guilty website and read "I woke up this morning sad, and then I realized why." Thank you so much for your blog. After reading that story from the Baltimore Sun about an execution, I will happily pull an all-nighter.

  2. I'm actually a Med student, but I stumbled across your site, and I like it. I have a question about the Not Guilty post, which I'm sure all the other non-legal pro's would appreciate...If a cop can lie, then can he/she say they are not a cop if asked by a potential suspect? I've always wondered about that, and if they have to answer honestly, then why wouldn't every hooker/drug dealer etc. ask?

  3. Yes, police are allowed to lie and say, "I'm not a cop." This protects an undercover officer's safety. And, like you said, if they weren't allowed to, most undercover operations would fail.

    HOWEVER, that does not mean that non-cops are allowed to lie and say they ARE cops. That's a whole different thing. And it's a crime.

  4. Hey, I just saw this. Thanks so much, I'm honored.

    I'm gonna do another one as soon as this fed trial wraps up.