TV and Celebrity News

First, going back to last Tuesday - how funny was Sen. John McCain on The Daily Show? I've never voted Republican (I have voted Libertarian though), but I just find that guy so likeable.

Second, I've been saying for a loooong time - Rory, you are just too good for that rich no-good spoiled bad boy, Logan. C'mon, Rory, wake up and see the light!

Third, did you see Paris Hilton's car crash? (Video here.) You know, seriously, I've had clients who have been pulled over for DWI and tried the line, "Hey, my passenger is sober, just let him drive us home and we'll be on our way." And it hasn't worked. (Obviously, if they then became my client.) Maybe if they were heiresses. (But then they wouldn't be eligible for a public defender anyway, so nevermind.) Or, maybe more of my clients should try the "We love the police!" air kiss.

How about Ashlee Simpson's McDonald's video? (Video here.) I guess she really wanted her fries.

Oh, and I was just watching E! News Weekend, talk about making me feel old. They had a little segment where they showed "your favorite television stars" got their start. For example? You know Jennifer Love Hewitt as the Ghost Whisperer, but long ago she once played a girlfriend on Party of Five. You know Brian Austin Green as Freddy on his ABC show Freddy, but he was once on Beverly Hills 90210. And, finally, Neil Patrick Harris gets laughs on How I Met Your Mother, but he once did the unthinkable - he played an underage doctor on Doogie Howser, M.D.

Are there really people who don't remember Doogie? Are there really people who think this is some sort of revealing little segment? If so, I am completely old.

And, finally, a movie review. Chicken Little? Overrated and disappointing.


  1. Do not worry, I'm only 22 and I knew who Jennifer Love (Hewitt), Brian Austin Green, and even (GASP) Neil Patrick Harris were without E! or your informative post. Which means that you are not old, but rather that segment was directed at insanely young children (10-15) who probably shouldn't even be watching those chows.

  2. Don't say you've never voted republican in public. They are known to be a nasty, nefarious bunch. They might whack you just to keep you from supporting the opposition. Beware Gestapo 911.

  3. I've been looking for that car crash video! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

    I used to love Party Of Five...great show. Wasn't Hewitt's crazy roomate (in the show towards the end of the series) the woman from Alias? I liked her too.

  4. Okay, I love How I met your Mother (although I missed it tonight b/c I had to work . . . hate being a grownup!) and never ever realized that was Neil Patrick Harris because, seriously, he's not sixteen anymore! When did *that* happen? Yeah, yeah, so I was like 10 when he was sixteen and I'm now closing in on thirty (in a few years), so obviously he's around thirty, too, right? No, in my mind he is Doogie and should not a blonde 30 year old guy I would turn down if he hit on me at a party! What???

  5. There are certain people who (for me) will always be a particular character.

    Neil Patrick Harris will always be Doogie (even--maybe especially--in Starship Troopers).

    Matthew Broderick will always be Ferris Bueller (wasn't that movie, Ferris meets Godzilla, great?).

    Rick(y) Schroder will always be "that kid from Silver Spoons."

    And Michael J. Fox (in any sitcom, but maybe not on the big screen) will always be Alex P. Keaton.

    Any others?