Mistrial Thong

I had to share...

I thought this said "mistrial thong."

Why the heck would anyone want that? I mean, sure, a mistrial is better than a conviction, but what about an "acquittal thong?"

I should totally market that...

(Link is completely work safe, I promise!)


  1. If the trial is going badly, you can just slip on your mistrial thongs and click your heels together three times.

  2. Blonde,
    sure sign you need to take some time off.

  3. You should go on Cafe Press and design something!

  4. Well, and I see that you can't return the mistrial thongs, either. So I guess if you're stuck with the mistrial. You're better off with the straight-out acquittal pair.

  5. Ok, I knew it didn't say "mistrial thong" and it still took me a moment to be able to see that it said something else.