I Want My AR!

Stupid country music. I'm sorry that your dog died and your truck broke down and your girl left you for another cowboy, but why do you have to mess with my Amazing Race?

That reminds me... I never did a quote of the week from last week's AR. I can't remember anything great really jumping out at me. Anyone have any suggestions?

And, finally, this week's AR hiatus allows me to watch another great show: My Name Is Earl. I got caught up with last week when there was a mini-marathon of 4 episodes before Jason Lee hosted SNL. I haven't laughed so much at a sitcom in a long time.
So, tonight, I'll watch Earl. And TiVo House.

Better watch out, AR, looks like you're pretty easily replaced.


  1. Heh. When I read the title, I thought it stood for Accelerated Rehabilitation.

  2. AR suggested quote from last week -"I think I see the Paolo's" (or something to that effect) when the Florida family passed a garbage truck on the highway.

    Earl is awesome. I love the smokey and the bandit references during the episode with the fair.

  3. House is cool. But why doesn't Doctor House keep his english accent?

  4. Ah country music........vibes for the redneck agenda!


  5. Earl is great! What do you think about Lost?

  6. I've never watched Lost.

    This is going to sound like a dumb reason but... I don't like shows that my mother likes. So, if my mother says it's good, I don't bother watching it.

    Shows like Judging Amy, Lost, and Boston Legal.

    And then she said that it had an alien or something on it? Yeah, not my thing.

    I started to watch the first minute tonight - but there was a lot of screaming. And I don't like loud screaming.

  7. You should really give Boston Legal a chance. When the William Schatner character told the judge during a trial that the judge had mad cow disease, and it was ok because he also had mad cow disease.

    It was hilarious. It is a really funny show. Especially for lawyers.

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  9. Have you seen this??