A Horse Is A Horse

Another fall comes, and with it, another new class of prosecutors has started. Mid-November, and they're finally taking their places in the courtrooms, testing out their wings without a trainer-Prosecutor to look over their shoulder.

Whatever I-want-to-help-people mentality they had just a few short months ago when they graduated from law school has been quickly efficiently brainwashed away and replaced with a new No-infraction-too-insignifacant-no-punishment-too-punitive and eager-to-go-to-trial-although-I'm-not-quite-sure-yet-what-that-entails disposition.

This means, of course that it is that time of the year... time to start giving those annoying little prosecutors their nicknames.

Last night, I was walking down the street with a few colleagues and friends.

"What about that one... you know... the one that looks like a horse?"
"Horse? Nah, not creative enough. But she does looks like a horse. Mr. Ed?"
"WHAT? What does that even mean?"
"Smarty Jones? Seabiscuit?"

Finally someone's non-PD girlfriend spoke up.

"Um, you guys think they have nicknames for you?"

Just like that. One little comment. And I spent all day today thinking of what their nickname for me might be... the smart one? the pretty one? the nice one? the one with the really crazy clients?

Yes, I'm sure it's one of those.


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  2. When I was a deputy D.A. we called one of the public defenders "the chihuahua." She would (figuratively) grab onto the bottom of your pants leg and not let go, but you could always shake her off eventually.

    The PDs, on the other hand, had a pig roast every year and they would name the pig after one of the prosecutors. I was very disappointed that the pig was never named after me. I even tried to be especially unreasonable in the weeks leading up to the pig roast but it never worked.

  3. heh of course it's going to be something like "true believer" "Hippie chick" "don't even think about giving any of her clients a nice plea deal"

    The last one is due to the facct that I know of one jurisidiction that literally has a "shit list" on one of their walls.