Grossest. Thing. Ever.

Tonight is garbage night. Meaning, the garbage is supposed to go out tonight to be collected sometime very early tomorrow morning.

I decided (after being gently reminded) to clean out the fridge before the garbage goes out tonight. (As opposed to many weeks, when, just after the boyfriend takes out the garbage I start saying "Oh, we should have thrown this out...")

As I cleaned out the fridge, I came across this little container of fresh mozzarella I had bought either on Election Day or Veteran's Day, I can't remember which.

Is it still good? Or has it gone bad? Maybe the fact that it's fresh would mean it would survive longer - since it was fresher at the time of purchase? Or, maybe it would mean it would go bad quicker, since it wasn't vaccuum packaged and whatnot?

I didn't see any obvious blue or green spots. What else can you do besides giving it the sniff test?

I opened the container and took a big whiff.

And my nostrils were engulfed in the nastiest smell ever.

Eeeewwww. Gross.

And there is no way to get such a disgusting smell out of your nose. I tried sniffing other things, like sticking my nose into a container of Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate Mix, but everything smelled like nice stuff mixed with rancid cheese. I'm afraid this smell will be up my nose forever.

I totally need to invent the nasal equivalent of mouthwash.


  1. I'm not sure if it's a nasalwash or not, but I know that you're supposed to smell coffee beans when you're testing perfumes to clear the nose-palate or whatever it's called. Maybe coffee grounds would work as well, I'm not sure.

  2. Taste and smell are instrinsicly linked, using mouthwash will help overpower whatever rancid cheeseness is still in your nose.

  3. Ugh... I tried coffee beans, I tried sniffing laundry detergent, everything was just gross.

    I guess I should've tried mouthwash. Next time.

    I have brushed my teeth since then, though, and I still swear I can smell it a few times a day. (And yes, the garbage went out.)

    Will that smell just be stuck in my nasal memory forever?

    I need to get some lavendar oil.