A Day In The Life

I've never done one of these "day in the life" thingees, but there's no time like the present...


Slept till about 10.

Grape Nuts for breakfast. (I remember once hearing a joke, something about how do they get the nuts off the little grapes, or how do you make a grape nuts, or something like that, but I forgot it. Sorry. I tried to google it, but the closest I found was "You mama's so stupid, she thought Grape Nuts was an STD." Like I said, sorry.)

Sat around, looked through a catalog, did a crossword puzzle, read a few pages of a book.

Around 11:30, I got dressed in comfy sweats and went to my favorite neighborhood eatery.

Tomato cheddar soup and a grilled chicken quesadilla. Spicy Mexican hot chocolate to go for dessert.

Went home, gathered up some things (hair brush, deodorant).

Around 1 p.m., Headed out. Stopped at the dollar store. Not the kind of store where everything costs $1, but a kind of misleading dollar store where things are just cheap. Resisted the urge to buy Dove face wash wipe thingees that had English and Arabic writing on them. (And had some kind of Saudi seal of quality on them.) Maybe I should've gotten them to keep in my office?

2 p.m., Got to the spa.

Sat in the relaxation room, waiting for my massage. Read Vogue, the interview with Gwenyth Paltrow and some little story on growing your hair long (what was the name of that fish oil stuff that grows your hair quick that they recommend?) Drank lemon water, and reflected on veterans. How they fought to preserve our right to be lazy Americans. And get spa treatments.

90 minute massage. The lady was kind of rough on me. I tried to tough it out for the sake of maximum tension removal, but I was feeling a little pain. Maybe I should've spoken up. But I didn't.

Good hot shower at the spa using all of the fancy spa brands that I'd never buy for myself.

Got dressed after applying ten different fancy spa lotions that I'd never buy for myself. (Yum, one smelled like pina colada.) (Used my own deodorant, which I brought with me. Can't use a community deodorant, that's gross.)

Good hair blow-drying at the spa, using all of the fancy salon tonics and whatnots on my hair that I'd never buy for myself. Actually, maybe I would buy them for myself if my hair came out noticeably better. But it didn't. So, I won't buy them for myself. (Used my own brush, which I brought with me. Can't use a shared brush either.)

Around 4:30, came home.

Reheated the rest of the spicy Mexican hot chocolate that I didn't finish in the afternoon.

Sat on my big comfy bed, all massaged and relaxed, with my hot chocolate and my laptop.

Played around with uploading my podcasts to my MP3 player, and trying to figure out which ones I already listened to so I could delete them. Maybe I should be deleting them as I go.

Read comments on my blog. Yes, anonymous, I did need some time off.

6 p.m., my summer intern's little friend called. (I don't mean anything by "little friend" other than the fact that he sounded young. I guess he goes to college with her, but he sounded like he didn't hit puberty yet.) He had been arrested, but ultimately was given a summons to return to court. Talked about what to expect on the court date. Meet your lawyer, see the judge, get a new court date, free to go. Be there on time.

But, what about the fact that the summons date is during my winter break, and I'll be flying home? Too bad, you need to be here. Either that, or go to the summons part well in advance of when you leave for winter break and see if they can reschedule you. You don't want a warrant for your arrest.

Finally, 6:30 p.m., sat down with a few files and did about two-and-a-half hours worth of work. No, actually, I worked two-and-a-half hours, but the work that I did probably would've have taken me six hours if I had done it in my office on a regular day - with phone calls, emails popping up, and a host of other distractions.

Wrote some motions, wrote some letters, found a witness. (The advantage of calling someone at 8:30 on a Friday night - they're not expecting it to be a lawyer calling.) Great witness, on the phone at least. Saw the entire incident and arrest, fairly articulate, could have a major impact on my case. The only drawback? He and my client were drinking together before the incident. But, I think that's ok. We'll work with it.

Around 9 p.m., packed it all away, satisfied that I was well prepared for the coming week.

Went out and picked up dinner. Chicken enchiladas, rice and beans. Yes, I love Mexican food. No, not from the same place.

Around 10 p.m., came home, ate dinner. Watched Law & Order (the baby snatching episode from the day before) and CSI (the big shoot-out episode from the day before) on my Tivo. Wondered WTF is up with Nick Stokes' mustache? It's killing me! Hello, '70s porn star. Aaaah! Make it stop.

Throughout the episode I kept waiting for some major joke tie-in. In my mind, he could only have that moustache if it was somehow necessary for the plot. But, no. The most we got was Warrick saying something like, "Check this out, moustache boy," when he found something interesting under the microscope.

Please, someone, make him shave it!

Then, finally, around 11:30, I fell asleep.

Aaaah, a day in the life of a public defender. Massages and Mexican food. Ain't veterans day a wonderful thing?

Seriously, thank a veteran.


  1. Seriously, thank a veteran.

    No kidding. Sounds like a great day. And here I thought being a public defender was work. Sounds like all play to me. Except for that "wrote some motions, wrote some letters, found a witness" part. Writing a motion still takes me hours and finding witnesses has begun to seem impossible. But what do I know? I look forward to the day when this just sort of fits into my life w/out a lot of muss or fuss...

  2. You're welcome.